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Obtaining crypto licenses, ICO/STO,
supporting NFT marketplaces,
DAOs, and Gamify projects

Cryptoexchange license

At SBSB, we will be happy to provide you with legal support services for obtaining a cryptocurrency license for your project. Licenses for the operation of a crypto exchange imply permission to exchange fiat money for cryptocurrencies, cryptocurrencies for fiat money, cryptocurrencies for another cryptocurrency and the storage of clients’ funds.

The timing and cost of obtaining a license vary by jurisdiction. We can help you choose the most appropriate jurisdiction for your business model based on your budgetary expectations, the desired geography of your clients, tax and reporting preferences, and desired prestige of the license.

The term for obtaining a license largely depends on the jurisdiction you choose; it can range from 3 to 12 months. In this regard, it is essential to mention the existence of certain jurisdictions in which the activity of a crypto exchange is allowed without the need to obtain a special kind of permission; thus, it is possible to organize a crypto company in such jurisdictions in a few weeks.

Our company has many years of experience supporting cryptocurrency projects at all stages of starting a business and its further operation. As part of the crypto license, we can provide turnkey services, which will include jurisdiction selection, company incorporation, bank and merchant account opening, assistance in hiring local personnel, contractual legal support for your business, writing policies and finding partners for liquidity and IT solutions.


Online crypto processing

The world is changing. The industry evolves rapidly day by day. So that is the reason why businesses have to integrate new payment solutions for running online transactions.

What is Crypto Processing?

Crypto processing is a payment tool which buyers can use to make online transactions for goods and services in crypto currency. Launch your crypto currencies methods online now to give your company a substantial competitive advantage. The sooner you integrate crypto payments on your website, the more you benefit from the forthcoming crypto transformation of business.

We assist our customers on each stage of the launching, taking all necessary actions to enablecrypto processing on the website as quickly as possible.

The crypto processing service will suit customers who intend to help merchants accept cryptocurrency payments. We offer legal support with the structure, required permits and licenses and bank accounts.

Why should your company accept crypto payments?

First, this is a promising area. You will be able to offer clients new ways of payment and to appeal to the audience which is already making crypto payments.

Second, this is a great financial opportunity. Fees charged for digital currency payments are lower than those for regular bank transfers. Besides, those payments are practically not controlled by banks, tax authorities, and governments.

And thirdthis is safe because all cryptocurrency transactions are protected, and the associated information is stored in the blockchain.

Besides if your business is high-risk like gambling, betting, fintech, IT, Forex, and other investments you are the first who need the option of crypto processing on you website.

Accepting crypto currencies online with SBSB Fintech Lawyers is easy jump-start.

Crypto processing integration will take just a few days, at a minimum cost and with minimum efforts.


Crypto fund licensе

Registering a crypto fund enables its participants to manage investors’ capital to trade in digital currencies, the objective being securing profits for both parties involved.

If your goal is to multiply third party funds, invest in crypto currency assets and pay out income from profits gained through investments, we advise you to think on incorporation of a crypto fund:

  • structural diversity: there are crypto hedge funds and open-end funds;
  • great potential for making big profits.

If you want to register a crypto fund you will need answer the most important question: the best location for creating the fund this year. We will provide all the information on starting a crypto business in Europe, USA and Asia, and also in offshore jurisdictions.

We offer our support with the following tasks:

  • crypto fund registration in a jurisdiction of your choice;
  • preparation of incorporation documents;
  • obtaining relevant permits and licenses;
  • setup of bank accounts and selection of payment solutions.

The support we provide covers all stages, from initial consultations to crypto fund registration and management.


Crypto Bank License

Crypto business is a fast developing industry. More and more experts state that crypto banks will soon replace traditional financial institutions.

Crypto banks are platforms offering a number of banking services:

  • cryptocurrency storage and exchange;
  • cryptocurrency deposits;
  • p2p lending;
  • cryptocurrency cash-out etc.

The main task of crypto banks is creating a services and payments infrastructure to connect the crypto community to the fiat world.

Registering a crypto bank is not an easy thing but its possible. What we do first we choose suitable jurisdiction.

When selecting the jurisdiction, there are a number of aspects we should take into account:

  • geography of potential consumers;
  • legislative open-mindedness;
  • residency of board members;
  • availability of dominant services (crypto transfers, exchange of cryptocurrency to fiat money, lending).

Today there is no universal jurisdiction suitable to set up a bank for crypto activities. But in general the following jurisdictions are the most well-used to the cryptocurrency: Estonia, Lithuania, Portugal, Hong Kong, Singapore, USA, UAE and the Isle of Man. In some cases offshore banks are a good option as well.

Second, one needs to obtain the relevant license after incorporating the company.

Every crypto business area requires a special license and adaptation with the applicable laws.

Anyone deciding to establish a crypto bank is advised to look up experienced crypto lawyers who will support the project in accordance with all the requirements of the chosen jurisdiction.

We offer the following services for creating banks dealing in crypto:

  • finding best jurisdiction for a cryptocurrency bank;
  • legal entity registration;
  • execution of public applications and preparation of policies for crypto licensing;
  • staffing (AML, Risk Manager), office setup support;
  • applying a cryptocurrency license;
  • follow-up support after the project works.

Own Token Issue

Creating one’s own digital currency and initiating IDO and IEO in a foreign jurisdiction requires the support of experienced lawyers.

SBSB Fintech Lawyers offers its support and services to anyone intending to create their own cryptocurrency or issue tokens using a blockchain platform:

  • project analysis on legal risks;
  • help with the choosing of a suitable jurisdiction;
  • advice on ICO and cryptocurrency regulation;
  • registration of companies focusing on crypto activities;
  • getting required licenses and permits;
  • help with corporate account and merchant opening;
  • preparation of documents for token issue and sales.

If you want to issue stable coin, security or utility coin, or to prepare for the ICO, IEO or IDO lets give us a call.

We offer a wide range of services related to the legal support of token issue, including the initial coin offering (ICO) and the initial exchange offering (IEO).


Crypto Consulting from crypto lawyers

We provide legal consulting on blockchain, crypto and fintech. That is our strengths at SBSB Fintech Lawyers. We do it from 2013.

For this reason, at SBSB Fintech Lawyers you can receive crypto consulting service – full professional consultation on local corporate and tax regulations, cryptocurrency legalization, and legal support for startups related to blockchain and cryptocurrency technologies and ICO launch projects.

Our lawyers are very well aware of cryptocurrency legalization, local corporate and tax laws, we also provide consulting on source of crypto funds matters.

We help with:

  • Launching own NFT token;
  • Opening bank accounts, tax and other consulting in NFT;
  • Registering a crypto company;
  • Opening a corporate account for your crypto project;
  • Legal ways of paying taxes on the cryptocurrency;
  • Consulting on source of crypto funds matters;
  • Issuing your own token;
  • Applying crypto licenses and permissions;
  • Choosing a jurisdiction to deal with crypto;
  • Structuring your crypto idea into business.
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