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Legal Services for Initial Exchange Offering (IEO)

Are you looking for new ways of financing your project? You might take a closer look at Initial Exchange Offering — IEO.

The IEO’s special feature is that the whole token issue and sale process is managed and done at a cryptocurrency exchange on behalf of the issuing startup. The cryptocurrency platform enables customer AML/KYC, conducts the sale of the startup’s issued tokens and uses its own funds to raise investments, and also vouches for the project with its own reputation which is a great upside for potential investors.

Our IEO-related legal services include:

  • consultations in the area of the Initial Exchange Offering, consistent work on the project support;
  • project corporate structure design, company registration and preliminary risk analysis and mitigation prior to the launch;
  • selection of the most suitable partner platform for the IEO, negotiations and oversight of the platform's obligations;
  • preparation of essential and project-specific documents for the IEO launch;
  • analysis of the token's legal nature and proposals on improvement;
  • token issue structuring;
  • assistance with token listing on other cryptocurrency sites after the IEO;
  • opening accounts with banks and payment systems.

Experience a much easier Initial Exchange Offering launch with the support of SBSB team of experts.

Legal Services for Security Token Offering (STO)

Security Token, or STO, is a token combining the characteristics of securities and tokens. This is a security taking on the form of a token.

Most countries classify this type of token as securities, resulting in relevant obligations for the projects wishing to issue security tokens.

Are you looking to launch a Security Token Offering? Do you find it important for these tokens to be secured with actual property and rights, just like classic securities? SBSB experts will be happy to offer you a customized solution.

Our STO-related legal services include:

  • legal consultations and comprehensive project support;
  • design of the project’s corporate structure, assistance with choosing the jurisdiction and company registration;
  • preliminary analysis of the token's legal nature, token improvement and risk mitigation prior to the project launch;
  • preparation of essential and project-specific documents for the STO launch;
  • drafting of standard agreements with project investors, clients and partners;
  • token issue structuring;
  • opening accounts with banks and payment systems;
  • development of the mechanism for accepting fiat money and cryptocurrency funds within STO;
  • obtaining STO licenses.
ICO and Pre-ICO

ICO (Initial Coin Offering) or ITO (Initial Token Offering) is a way of money raising through token issue and sale. Pre-ICO means a preliminary sale of tokens prior to the major ICO intended to estimate the public’s interest in the project.

ICO and pre-ICO processes are subject to licensing in many countries, and a violation of regulations may entail negative implications for project owners. Our company offers a comprehensive range of services to launch ICO in full compliance with the laws and at a minimum cost.

Make Pre-ICO and ICO much easier with the support of SBSB team of experts.

Legal support of Blockchain Projects

Blockchain is a method of storing and arranging information in the form of interconnected data blocks using cryptography.

This domain is fairly new and unexplored but at the same time revolutionary and promising. The areas that can benefit from the blockchain technology include: banking and financial sectors, investments and stock exchanges, keeping all kind of registries, identification systems, payment means and services, storage and exchange of any information. And this is just to mention a few areas where this technology can be applied.

Our blockchain-related legal services include:

  • legal consultations and comprehensive support of blockchain projects: mining, cryptocurrency exchangers, crypto funds, blockchain-based IT products, ICO/ITO/IEO/STO etc.;
  • analysis of legal risks inherent in the crypto project;
  • design of corporate structure and company registration to launch the project;
  • opening accounts with banks and payment systems;
  • preparation of key project documents: Whitepaper, User Agreement, AML Policy, Privacy Policy, Terms of Use, Risk Disclosure, with focus on project specifics;
  • obtaining payment licenses and special permits;
  • consistent work on the project’s legal safety.


With our vast experience in supporting blockchain projects, our clients can rest assured to receive highest quality legal services.

The approach proposed by SBSB consists in end-to-end servicing of turnkey crypto projects, covering the selection of the jurisdiction for company incorporation, ongoing legal support, tax burden calculation, receipt of required licenses and ultimately the full-fledged project crypto launch. 

Cryptocurrency Exchangers, Crypto Funds

We are convinced at SBSB that the electronic currency marks a new phase of technology. Electronic currencies, including cryptocurrencies, hold the innovative potential to grant consumers access to the global payment system at any place and any time, with participation restricted only by access to the technology and not depending on credit history or bank accounts.

A growing number of projects today consider offering their goods and services in exchange of investors’ funds in the form of cryptocurrencies. But how one does this legally?

If you are looking to establish your own crypto exchange or cryptocurrency fund, design your own cryptocurrency wallet and accept crypto payments from your clients and/or investors, we can help you set up legitimate operating mechanisms.

Guided by our experience, we offer optimum countries showing loyalty to the cryptocurrency market and open for registration of electronic currency exchangers or crypto exchanges. 

Our cryptocurrency-related legal services include:

  • full turnkey project support;
  • selection of the best jurisdiction and company registration;
  • design of corporate structure with consideration for your project peculiarities;
  • preparation of essential and project-specific documents;
  • obtaining licenses for the storage and exchange of cryptocurrencies and special permits;
  • development of mechanisms for fiat money acceptance, turnover and conversion to cryptocurrencies;
  • opening accounts with banks and payment systems;
  • tax planning consultations.

Experience a much easier registration of your crypto project with the support of SBSB team of experts.

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