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Are you looking for new ways of financing your project? You might take a closer look at Initial Exchange Offering — IEO.

The IEO’s special feature is that the whole token issue and sale process is managed and done at a cryptocurrency exchange on behalf of the issuing startup. The cryptocurrency platform enables customer AML/KYC, conducts the sale of the startup’s issued tokens and uses its own funds to raise investments, and also vouches for the project with its own reputation which is a great upside for potential investors.

Our IEO-related legal services include:

  • consultations in the area of the Initial Exchange Offering, consistent work on the project support;
  • project corporate structure design, company registration and preliminary risk analysis and mitigation prior to the launch;
  • selection of the most suitable partner platform for the IEO, negotiations and oversight of the platform’s obligations;
  • preparation of essential and project-specific documents for the IEO launch;
  • analysis of the token’s legal nature and proposals on improvement;
  • token issue structuring;
  • assistance with token listing on other cryptocurrency sites after the IEO;
  • opening accounts with banks and payment systems.

Experience a much easier Initial Exchange Offering launch with the support of SBSB team of experts.

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