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A banking license can be obtained in any country worldwide but there are countries where this could be done easier and at a lower price. Offshore banks offer the advantage of preferential tax treatment as they either do not incur tax liabilities at all or they pay taxes at a reduced rate which is much lower than the one paid by resident banks.

Types of Offshore Banking Licenses

International banking license: the most popular offshore license enabling you to do business with customers only outside the country in which your bank is located.

General banking license: this license enables you to conduct business operations with customers both within and outside the country where your bank is located. The capital requirements for opening a bank of this type are much higher and the banks holding a general banking license face more stringent regulation.

Restricted banking license: banks holding the restricted license are generally operated to service exclusively a company group owned by affluent people or transnational corporations, in order to manage their international liabilities. The specific nature of banks holding a restricted license is that they are capable of entering into contracts only with a certain range of persons identified in the license.

We offer a wide selection of countries issuing offshore licenses: Saint Lucia, the Commonwealth of Dominica, Cayman Islands, the Bahamas, Panama and many more. Besides, we operate in Europe and offer banking licenses in the euro zone.

Turnkey offshore banking license, legal services:

  • assistance with choosing the jurisdiction and license type;
  • preparation of all regulations and documents to obtain a banking license;
  • tax and ownership structure advise;
  • authorized capital formation advise;
  • support with the selection of office and management in the country issuing the license;
  • follow-up on international certifications;
  • assistance with correspondent accounts;
  • support with banking software development.

Obtaining a banking license with the help of SBSB is easy since we offer a comprehensive solution for anything the regulating authorities may require, including licensing, personnel management, design of the business plan, statements, audits, major banking services and a variety of outsourcing solutions for your bank.
Make a call and we will help you launch your bank as quickly as possible.

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