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One of the benefits of working with SBSB is the legal support of fintech projects on a turn-key basis that we offer. You come up with the idea and we make sure its full implementation in the legal realm. Fintech projects are projects that leverage innovation and technologies to compete with traditional financial institutions, such as banks and financial market intermediaries.

We offer our experience and support with obtaining financial and payment licenses, including Payment Institution/API/Small PI licenses, E-money Institution/Small E-money licenses, SVF and MSO payment licenses, banking licenses for operations in Europe and offshore banking licenses.

The approach proposed by SBSB consists in end-to-end servicing of turnkey fintech projects, covering the selection of the jurisdiction for company incorporation, monthly legal support, design of software for banks and payment systems (e-money and PSP) and ultimately the full-fledged project launch.

The range of services offered for fintech projects includes:

  1. Initial consultations.
  2. Determination of the project’s business model, selection of the optimum jurisdiction and tax burden calculation.
  3. Company registration, opening of settlement accounts.
  4. Design of internal company regulations and
  5. A comprehensive IT solution (software) and obtaining relevant standardization for the IT product.
  6. Preparation of all documents and applications for the payment institution and e-money institution licenses.
  7. Interactions with the financial authority, preparation for and personal support for the interview with the authority.
  8. Choosing a local office and hire of qualified staff (AML and KYC officers, CEO etc.).
  9. Connection to SEPA, issue of IBAN.
  10. Business accounting, submission of financial statements.
  11. Establishment of partnerships and correspondent relations with banks and external payment service providers.
  12. Support with entering into partner agreements with MasterCard/Visa,

and other additional services tailored to the project.

Furthermore, we always have ready-to-operate companies with payment licenses. SBSB experts will provide you with detailed information.

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