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Opening International Bank Accounts.

Setting up a bank account in an overseas jurisdiction is not an easy task for IT companies today. Guided by counter-terrorism and anti-money laundering rules, banks require IT companies to follow certain conditions that can be quite hard to comply with. Those include, but are not limited to, a complete disclosure of business structure and of the incomes and cash flows available, submission of various documents and explanations etc.

When choosing the country and bank for opening an account, we always consider not only the complexity of this process per se but also the bank’s service rates offered to non-residents, the incoming and outgoing payment currency, and a number of other essential aspects.

Customers often appreciate the option of setting up an account remotely when selecting the country of the account. We have been processing such requests for a long time now and will be happy to help you with this.

SBSB has a large partner network of banks and payment systems. We know which banks are better and more cost-efficient to work with, and which ones are not worth getting involved with. Prior to setting up your bank account, we will choose an appropriate jurisdiction for it, proceeding from the type of activities and turnovers of your business.