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Hong Kong Forex License.


The authoritative international organization World Economic Forum approved Hong Kong as the most developed financial market in the world. Hong Kong’s economy is very different from the Chinese, and legislation is very similar to British.

A simple tax treatment, free information flow traffic, financial and human capital, well-developed financial legislation, effective and “transparent” financial regulation.

Regulator authority

The body that regulates procedure of obtaining license for financial activity in Hong Kong – «The Securities and Futures Commission (Hong Kong)». The Commission is responsible for regulating the securities and futures market in Hong Kong, including the licensing of market players.


«The Securities and Futures Ordinance» regulates the securities and futures market and OTC forex market.

Licensed Activities

• Working with securities (I type)

• Dealing with futures contracts (II type)

• Trading in the forex market with the provision of leverage (III type)

• Securities Advisor (IV type)

• Futures Contracts Advisor (V type)

• Corporate Finance Advisor (VI class)

• Provide automated trade service (VII type)

• Securities trading on margin basis (VIII type)

• Asset Management (IX type)

• Credit rating agencies (X type)

The procedure of obtaining FX license

• Step 1 – documents
Filling application forms and apps

• Step 2 – Payment
Payment for each type of activity

• Step 3 – Employees
Applying of 2 responsible employees for each type of activity

• Step 4 – submission of documents to the Commission


Obtaining a license for 3 types of activities – 28,000 USD

Note: the indicated amount does not include providing responsible employees, writing the company’s internal policies. The above amounts are approximate and can be changed.


Approx. 7-10 months

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