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Poland opens new opportunities for crypto currency.

In the modern world, crypto-currencies are gaining popularity. Every day, several dozen companies enter the ICO to launch new technological processes. But nevertheless, it is still not so easy to work with bitcoins and other virtual currencies in the official field.

Undoubtedly, one of the advantages of digital currencies is the absence of any control. But this same fact sometimes prevents entrepreneurs from doing business in the field of virtual currencies. Up to date, the regulation of crypto-currencies in the United States, Japan and even in Ukraine is already beginning to appear. They are already planning to consider a draft law on the regulation of cryptocurrencies (for more details, see here).

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We already wrote about the opinion of the German regulator BaFinon our web-page, who does not recognize crypto currency as an official mean of payment, but nevertheless considers virtual currencies to be financial instruments that can be used, for example, in barter transactions.

As for Poland, it acted as the first EU country, which in recognized trade and mining of crypto-currency as a separate type of activityat the legislativelevel. Thus, the General Directorate of Statistics refers to trading and mining of electronic currencies to “other financial intermediation”. Thus, the companies got the right to officially declare their activities with cryptocurrencies.

Another interesting message is available on the website www.biznes.gov.pl, which says that the platform that allows individuals to conduct exchange transactions, including crypto-currencies, is neither a broker nor an exchanger. Thus, these platforms are not as ubject to licensing.

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Such changes, of course, are a positive trend in the world of digital currencies, but the main changes in the regulation of crypto currency are yet to come.

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