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11.04.2019 / Статьи
STO and ICO: the opt for regulationICO (Initial coin offering) has opened new opportunities for raising capital in projects. With the growth of the industry in 2017-2018 it seemed that the ideal solution for crowdfunding was found, but the rapid development was followed by a decline. The reason for this was the lack of regulation and, as a result, the potential for fraud.Under these circumstances, the attention has shifted to STO (Security token offering), so-called “security tokens”,...

How establishing a company on Cyprus can help you in disputes between shareholders/owners?

Vladislav Makarenko, 21.03.2019 / Статьи
For each company that belongs to two or more owners, there is a risk of corporate disputes. Such a possibility should be taken into account when organizing a business, even if the shareholders have the most friendly relations (and even family ties), because corporate disputes tend to occur over time, especially if the project is successful. Unfortunately, it is not always possible to prevent them, but it is more than possible to provide effective mechanisms for resolving them. How establishing...

In which foreign bank you can open an account fast and inexpensively?

Elena Kravchenko, 14.03.2019 / Статьи
It is not easy to imagine doing business without a bank account. That is why many entrepreneurs are concerned with the question: In which foreign bank to open an account fast and inexpensively? Some entrepreneurs want to get an answer, at least partially. Where to open a bank account quickly or in a foreign bank to open an account for cheap?To open an account in foreign bank fastEvery bank has its own review procedure (compliance in the bank), which is impossible to pass fast. For consideration...

Rating of jurisdictions for ICO - Malta, Switzerland, Singapore

Iryna Мykyta, 11.03.2019 / Статьи
In the modern world ICO is considered as an efficient way for attracting investments and venture capital.Everyone who planned ICO for their company, obviously thought on what jurisdiction is better to choose, and what should be considered when choosing an ICO jurisdiction, besides own resources.Why Malta is considered as a perfect jurisdiction for ICO/STO?Malta is considered as a first jurisdiction that introduced legal regulation of ICO, tokens and cryptocurrencies. Also this jurisdiction...

Registration of a Swiss holding: when is it necessary to use Switzerland in structures?

Vladislav Makarenko, 08.03.2019 / Статьи
Do you want to establish a company in an economically and politically stable country, with a reliable banking system? Then you should definitely pay attention to Switzerland.Switzerland is located in the center of Europe and is considered one of the leaders in the registration of holding companies for a long time. If you are thinking about registering a holding in Switzerland, then this article will definitely help you!Who will be interested in registering holding in Switzerland and...

Why establishing a company in Cyprus is still popular

Vladislav Makarenko, 20.02.2019 / Статьи
What are the advantages of establishing a company in Cyprus?There are three main and indisputable advantages of registering a company in Cyprus: low taxes, the possibility of opening a bank account (especially important in terms of deoffshorization and for citizens of the CIS), as well as ease of use.Cyprus is known as jurisdiction with one of the lowest income taxes in Europe - only 12.5% of the net income tax - and the absence of a dividend tax on beneficial owners (also known as repatriation...

Investment management - establishing an asset management company in Cyprus

Vladislav Makarenko, 13.02.2019 / Статьи
Cyprus has always been and remains a good choice for registration of European investment companies and European funds, as well as asset management companies for European funds. The main reasons for this are: favorable taxation, transparent registration and licensing procedures, well-developed legislation and law-enforcement practice, and much more.If you have not decided yet where to register the asset management company and whether it worth to register it in Cyprus, then this article is...

Banking compliance, why is it needed and why is it so strict?

Iryna Мykyta, 05.02.2019 / Статьи
If you are going to register a company in a foreign jurisdiction or already own such a company, sooner or later your company will need to open an account in a European or non-European bank.All banks differ in their requirements for opening a corporate account, but the general policy of all banks is the passage of compliance. At the moment it is an integral part of the procedure for reviewing a company by a bank.What is compliance?After the financial crisis of 2008, financial regulators...

Interesting facts about holding an ICO in Malta

Oksana Svyst, 29.01.2019 / Статьи
If you are wondering where to register a company and get a license under ICO, then our experts can recommend you to pay attention to Malta.In 2018, the legislature of this small state adopted a number of regulations that regulate in detail the ICO procedure.Before choosing a jurisdiction for a company under an ICO, it is necessary to analyze the difficulties and to know the main pitfalls that you will have to face along the way. Let's take a look at the new requirements of the Maltese...

Mobile banking, payment systems, FinTech. FinTech world leaders

Yuliya Barabash, 22.01.2019 / Статьи
What is FinTech?It is time to sum up the results of the year 2018 - financially very difficult and very dynamic. New technologies, related phenomena and terms are coming into everyday usage in financial and legal activities.In this article, the rules of the new game called “FinTech” are presented in an accessible way.Fintech is a buzzword that has now become a trend in financial and business communities.Many have heard it, but very few people are aware of the fullness...
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