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Почему все еще популярна регистрация компаний на Кипре

Vladislav Makarenko, 20.02.2019 / Статьи
Sorry, currently this article is available only in Russian.

Управление инвестициями - создание управляющей компании на Кипре

Vladislav Makarenko, 13.02.2019 / Статьи
Sorry, currently this article is available only in Russian.

Banking compliance, why is it needed and why is it so strict?

Iryna Мykyta, 05.02.2019 / Статьи
If you are going to register a company in a foreign jurisdiction or already own such a company, sooner or later your company will need to open an account in a European or non-European bank.All banks differ in their requirements for opening a corporate account, but the general policy of all banks is the passage of compliance. At the moment it is an integral part of the procedure for reviewing a company by a bank.What is compliance?After the financial crisis of 2008, financial regulators...

Interesting facts about holding an ICO in Malta

Оксана Свист, 29.01.2019 / Статьи
If you are wondering where to register a company and get a license under ICO, then our experts can recommend you to pay attention to Malta.In 2018, the legislature of this small state adopted a number of regulations that regulate in detail the ICO procedure.Before choosing a jurisdiction for a company under an ICO, it is necessary to analyze the difficulties and to know the main pitfalls that you will have to face along the way. Let's take a look at the new requirements of the Maltese...

Mobile banking, payment systems, FinTech. FinTech world leaders

Yuliya Barabash, 22.01.2019 / Статьи
What is FinTech?It is time to sum up the results of the year 2018 - financially very difficult and very dynamic. New technologies, related phenomena and terms are coming into everyday usage in financial and legal activities.In this article, the rules of the new game called “FinTech” are presented in an accessible way.Fintech is a buzzword that has now become a trend in financial and business communities.Many have heard it, but very few people are aware of the fullness...

Jurisdictions for creation crypto exchange: Malta, Switzerland, Estonia. What to choose?

Iryna Мykyta, 15.01.2019 / Статьи
A very important step, when creating a crypto exchange is choosing a favorable jurisdiction that helps to develop a cryptobusiness and obtaining the desired profit.We have selected the most appropriate jurisdictions for creating a crypto exchange. So, let’s consider them.MaltaThe advantages of this jurisdiction for creating a crypto exchanges are:- the presence of the English version of the legislation, governing the creation of a crypto exchange in Malta;- active...

A financial company in Malta, a blockchain, a new legislation

Оксана Свист, 11.01.2019 / Статьи
For many countries the concept of blockchain is not something new.  In places it is exclusively about Bitcoins and the analogizes thereof; some are trying to implement it in banking structures and consolidate it at the state level.  Legally, this issue is not resolved everywhere.Malta is an example of a country that is a “blockchain island”.  Here, the cryptocurrency market is completely legal and streamlined, and their standards are attractive to investors.On...

Applying small-scale electronic money issuer license in Czech Republic, SEMI license in Czech Republic, requirements

Elena Kravchenko, 09.01.2019 / Статьи
The Czech Republic is characterized as a jurisdiction that opens up wide opportunities for those who want to create and run a payment business throughout Europe. The Czech Republic is also attractive for those, who are willing to obtain an Electronic Money Issuer License. Before considering the mechanism for obtaining a small-scale electronic money issuer license in Czech Republic, let’s first explain the differences between the EMI license and SEMI license.To obtain an EMI license...

Where to register a crypto exchange?

Iryna Мykyta, 04.01.2019 / Статьи
EstoniaEstonia is a jurisdiction that has formed a legislative position regarding the registration of crypto exchanges and taxation issues of crypto activities in Estonia.The advantages of registering crypto exchanges in Estonia include:- short time for registering a crypto exchange company in Estonia and for obtaining a license to conduct crypto-activity in Estonia;- low cost of a license to create a crypto exchange in Estonia;- favorable legislation for registration...

Registration of crypto exchange on Malta

Iryna Мykyta, 03.01.2019 / Статьи
Why choose Malta to register a crypto exchange?Today Malta is a country that is friendly to cryptocurrency. It is not surprising that Malta is one of the most profitable jurisdictions for creating a crypto exchange.The Government of Malta allows you to register a company in Malta while doing business in another country, or you can register a company and create a crypto exchange in Malta, and work directly in Malta.Most often questions that we get about registering a crypto exchange...