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Ivan Nevzorov, 09.06.2020 / Articles

Obtaining a DLT License in Gibraltar

The cryptocurrency business offers multiple benefits but only for those projects which operate within the regulatory framework. An increasing number of cryptocurrency projects choose crypto-friendly jurisdictions...
Nataliia Mosevych, 04.06.2020 / Articles

Why Successful Forex Brokers Opt for a Forex License in Vanuatu

Forex brokers are becoming increasingly popular in the marketplace but a Forex license is essential for the convenient and successful operation of a broker company. Forex license holders are more trusted...
Diana Gulevskaya, 01.06.2020 / Articles

ePayments Account Blocked. A Step-by-Step Guide to Retrieving Money from a Blocked ePayments Account

Subject to the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) decision as of February 2020, all transactions of ePayment Systems Limited (ePayments) were suspended. The regulator identified a number of deficiencies...
Vladyslav Drapii, 28.05.2020 / Articles

Getting a Forex License in the British Virgin Islands: Step-by-Step Guide

The British Virgin Islands (BVI) is one of the most popular destinations for the Forex license. This jurisdiction offers the status of a regulated entity, meaning that your company enhances its reputation...
Kateryna Arkadieva, 26.05.2020 / Articles

Launching a FinTech Business: Why Lithuania is Worth Considering

Lithuania is nicknamed the European FinTech capital. This jurisdiction is perfect for launching FinTech businesses thanks to the country’s policies and a friendly regulatory framework for the growth...
Snizhana Romashkin, 21.05.2020 / Articles

Company Registration in Ireland: All You Need to Know about Maintaining an Irish Company

Ireland’s popularity among those deciding to register an LTD company is associated with a number of aspects: democratic approach, no red tape and the opportunity to minimize business costs. This...
Yuliya Barabash, 20.05.2020 / Articles

Why British Neobanks are Ahead of Traditional Banks

For decades the British payments market had been dominated by several financial giants but the situation somewhat changed in the last few years. New British market players offer attractive and simpler...
Ivan Nevzorov, 19.05.2020 / Articles

Launching a Crypto Exchange: Step-by-Step Guide

With cryptocurrency being so popular nowadays, many businessmen are pondering to launch new cryptocurrency exchanges and exchangers which is not so easy as before because there are certain legislative...
Ivan Nevzorov, 14.05.2020 / Articles

Changes in the Financial Monitoring of Crypto Assets in Great Britain: What is in Store for Crypto Businesses

On January 10, 2020, Great Britain enacted a number of important amendments associated with the implementation of the 5th AML Directive of the European Union. Changes apply both to new crypto companies...
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