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Pan-European Crowdfunding platforms will provide their services across the whole EU

20.08.2018 / Статьи
European Commission aims to make Europe an attractive place for start-ups via establishing new politics that regulate crowdfunding. To do so, Commission has already drafted a directive that allow customers to use services of crowdfunding platforms across EU.The EU has made public a plan that will speed up the advancement of new technologies: AI, blockchain, cloud technologies. At this time the major slowing factor for crowdfunding in Europe is every European country have its own rules towards...

LEGAL ADVICE ON THE CFC IN RUSSIAN FEDERATION: Requirements, sanctions and what to do in order to avoid penalties for the CFC

Vladislav Makarenko, 03.07.2018 / Статьи
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03.07.2018 / Статьи
In SBSB we know that in the field of FinTech changes are taking place almost every day.With the adoption of the European Payment Services Directive financial sector has thoroughly frayed and was forced to adapt to changes.Our clients seek for solutions in the opening of bank account for crypto stock exchange and online exchangers. Banks do not accept such business because of high risk.Regulatory issues regarding cryptocurrency in different jurisdictions are more important than ever,...

Registration a company in Czech Republic

Elena Kravchenko, 15.06.2018 / Статьи
Establishing a company in the Czech Republic is a "modern" solution for efficient business conduct. Czech Republic ranks first in international trade and takes advanced positions in ease of doing business and obtaining credit in the international rating of Doing Business.What are the advantages of registering a company in Czech Republic?Establishing a company in Czech Republic is the basis for the acquisition of real estate and obtaining residence permit and permanent...

Lithuania as a financial start-up

Elena Kravchenko, 06.06.2018 / Статьи
Today, Lithuania gives the highest rates among fintech start-ups in the EU. These indicators appeared due to loyal regulator and control, flexible banking infrastructure and access to the European market.Another distinguishing feature of Lithuania from other potential investment directions within the EU is the terms and legislation.Registration of a payment company in LithuaniaIt only takes a few days to register a company in Lithuania, however, it usually takes 6 to 10 months to...

The license for payment service provider in different countries. Comparative analysis

Julia Demskaya, 25.05.2018 / Статьи
In order to obtain a payment license, you must register the company in the jurisdiction whose terms and conditions are most suitable for your business model.In this article we will review and compare the following jurisdictions: Lithuania, Great Britain, Malta and Estonia.1. PAYMENT LICENSE IN LITHUANIAWith the introduction of the euro since January 2015, Lithuania has a full set of tools to offer investors of payment and electronic money to work in the entire market of the European...

Licensing of electronic money

Yuliya Barabash, 25.05.2018 / Статьи
Progress in technology contributed to the development of a new type of payment instrument - electronic money.Electronic money (E-money) can be defined as a digital form of cash, since it has many characteristics of cash, plus, unlike crypto currency, means electronically stored monetary value in a given currency, for example, UAH or EUR.The exchange of electronic money takes place with the help of technical devices such as a telephone, a computer. In the modern world, gadgets are widely...

Payment license in Georgia

18.05.2018 / Статьи
Payment license in GeorgiaThe use of bank transfers in the calculation of cash to conduct business and meet the needs of modern man is no longer enough.The most popular electronic payment systems and electronic money have a much greater advantage over banks, among which can be distinguished the following:Convenience and speed;low commission;wire-payments using SWIFT.Georgia is the leader among the post-Soviet countries, more than 40 payment systems are registered...

Obtaining an offshore forex license: LABOAN

18.05.2018 / Статьи
Why do I need a Forex broker license on Labuan?Providing brokerage services on the interbank international foreign exchange market is a very popular service today.The Forex brokerage license on Labuan is necessary for conducting a monetary brokerage business by providing intermediary services in the organization of transactions between the buyer and the seller.Labuan is an Asian federal territory that is a part of Malaysia.The Forex brokerage of Labuan guarantees the security...

Financial license abroad. Offshore financial license.

01.05.2018 / Статьи
A financial license is a document that allows you to carry out one or another activity. Thus, the process of issuing a document, its extension or cancellation, is called licensing. Having the necessary financial license from the company can guarantee the consumer safety for the type of product or service that it acquires, since such a document complies with all the established legal norms of a country.Types of financial licenseThe licensing procedure, depending on the scope of employment,...