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Comprehensive Legal Support for IT Companies and Startups

Comprehensive Legal Support for IT Companies and Startups

Do you have an idea? We will help you bring it to life. Companies often have to deal with a multitude of challenging and cumbersome issues that are not connected with business growth, including review and negotiation of contracts, submission of tax returns and audited statements, counteragent due diligence, business accounting etc.

Those tasks are time-consuming, thus reducing your business’s efficiency and pace of development. A complete legal support offers a number of benefits: rapid task accomplishment, effective solutions for any issues, a sharp fixed price and guarantee of well-timed legal support.

We will be there to take care of all legal matters. Our offer covers full legal support of IT companies and startups, including: company incorporation, contract execution, tax advice, registration of trademarks, copyright protection and obtaining licenses and permissions, and much more.

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