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Registration a company in Europe.

What benefits can you get from registering a company in Europe?

Registering a company in Europe will open a lot of opportunities for you and your business. Having registered a company in Europe you will open for your business not only the European market, but the whole world.

It is prestigious to register a company in Europe. By signing contracts with clients and partners on behalf of a European company you are guaranteed to earn their trust.

In addition, the registration of a company in Europe provides an opportunity to obtain a residence permit in many European countries. But most importantly – to conduct business through a company registered in Europe, can be much more profitable and cheaper than through a company from the CIS!

Why to run a business through European company is better than through company registered in CIS?

There is no doubt that the company’s registration in Europe will make it possible to forget about corruption and bickering by officials. In addition, in Europe there are no such concepts as “currency control”, registration of foreign exchange earnings or other restrictions, so typical for companies in the CIS.

Moreover, in many European countries you will pay much less taxes than in the CIS countries. For example, a company registration in Malta will give you the opportunity to pay only 5% of income tax, and if you register a company in Estonia – then you can completely avoid paying the tax.

The absence of customs duties is another argument to register a company in Europe, especially if your customers or partners are also in Europe.

Will the registration of a company in Europe open an access to European banks?

European banks have always been synonymous with reliability. Unfortunately, deofshorization led to the fact that it was almost impossible to open an account for a non-European company (especially an offshore company) in a European bank. Now the company’s registration in Europe has also become the key to the European banking sector.

An account in a European bank will give your business access to cheap loans and other financial instruments.

For example, a company registration in Switzerland will give your business an opportunity to open an account in the Swiss bank without much difficulty. Although, maintaining of the Swiss company will be quite expensive.

You can also register a company in other European countries, whose banks can serve as an excellent alternative to Switzerland. For example in Luxembourg or Liechtenstein.

Registering a company in Europe as an opportunity not to pay extra taxes

Registering a company in Malta or in Estonia is a known way to reduce the tax burden. In addition to Malta and Estonia, companies registered in Bulgaria, Hungary, Switzerland or Cyprus will be highly profitable.

Company registration in Europe for different activities

It is very beneficial for IT sector to have a company in Estonia or Malta. Companies registered in these European countries will have profitable taxation and are quite inexpensive. Also, the registration of an IT company in one of these countries will be well received by banks and partners, because these European countries have been associated with the field of information technology for a very long time.

For the withdrawal of profits as dividends and working with securities, Cyprus and Malta are popular. In these countries there is no tax on the payment of dividends, and the dividends received are often exempt from income tax.

The company’s registration in Europe will be the right solution for any business, from trading to information technologies. A team of SBSB professionals will take care of all the organizational aspects. You only need to choose a country.

For over five years we have been advising our clients in the field of corporate law, international tax planning, finance, international licensing and integrated business support in more than 40 countries.

May we assist you with registering your european company.