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Spain to implement MiCA six months ahead of deadline

Spain to implement MiCA six months ahead of deadline.

Spain plans to implement the European cryptocurrency regulations MiCA six months ahead of the scheduled timeline — already in December 2025, instead of July 2026.

This move, reducing the transition period from 36 to 18 months, will “provide legal certainty and greater protection for Spanish investors in this type of assets.”

Oleksandr Rudakov, a senior lawyer at SBSB Fintech Lawyers, shared his opinion on this matter:

“Per the MICA regulations, existing crypto companies are granted with a transition period for MICA compliance. By June 2024, each EU member state must make a decision regarding this period:

1) Maintaining the transition period until July 2026.
2) Reducing the transition period.
3) Skipping it.

Several EU members, such as Spain and Lithuania, have initiated discussions or decisions on potentially reducing this period. For many businesses, now it is high time to quickly establish a crypto company within the EU before the June-December 2024, ensuring use of the transition period, even if it’s reduced.”

For further details on this news, please follow the link: https://cointelegraph.com/news/spain-implement-mica-six-months-before-july-2026-deadline