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Online gambling regulation in Sweden stands as one of the most esteemed globally. Presently, the Swedish Gambling Authority (SGA) oversees various forms of online gambling. Holding a license from Sweden is held in high esteem by financial institutions, payment service providers, software collaborators, and, notably, participants in the gaming sector. This translates to significantly lower rates from banks, payment processors, and merchant services than entities operating without a license or those based in offshore jurisdictions. The license is suitable for experienced projects.

Advantages of obtaining a gambling license in Sweden:

  • Serious and well-regulated gambling jurisdiction.
  • Working with the best gaming laboratories and game providers is possible on the most favorable terms.
  • Great opportunities to open up in banks, payment systems, and processing.

Requirements for obtaining a gambling license in Sweden:

  • Proper certification:

    Online gambling or betting operators can only use software from providers with a valid gambling software permit issued by SGA. Similarly, software providers can only offer their services to operators with an online gambling or betting license issued by SGA.
  • Language:

    All the documents must be submitted in Swedish. The website also must have a Swedish landing page.
  • Responsible gaming:

    The law requires license holders to prioritize player protection by actively monitoring and intervening to help players reduce excessive gambling. This duty of care involves implementing social and health measures. License holders must create an action plan outlining these measures and detailing how they will fulfill their duty of care through continuous monitoring of gambling behavior.
  • Currency:

    All wagers must be stated in SEK (Swedish kronor), and hence, the operator shall – even if they accept other currencies – at least display Swedish kronor when players stake their wagers. Virtual currencies are not explicitly prohibited, but only payment services listed in the Act on Payment Services and payment service providers duly registered with the Financial Supervisory Board are permitted to be used.
  • Servers:

    License holders must host their gambling system, including servers, in Sweden unless the Swedish Gambling Authority has made alternative arrangements with another regulatory body or the license holder can provide satisfactory remote access to the Swedish Gambling Authority.
  • Local Staff:

    A license applicant who is not resident or established in a country within the European Economic Area (EEA) must appoint a physical representative who is a resident of Sweden. Such a representative shall be given the authority to represent the applicant/license holder when dealing with public authorities and receiving legal notices.

Stages and timelines for obtaining a gambling license in Sweden:

  • Preparation

    (company registration, business plan development, preparation of necessary policies, appointment of the staff)
  • Application:

    (Application to the Swedish Gambling Authority (SGA), submission of required documents, answering questions from the regulator)
  • License Obtaining

  • Commencement of Work

    (opening bank accounts, business launch)

The timeline for obtaining a license is up to one year.

If you need a gambling license in Sweden, contact SBSB Fintech Lawyers. We have been specializing in FinTech and Crypto and Gambling projects since 2013, providing tailor-made solutions for each client, taking into account the company’s business model. We will help you choose the most appropriate type of license and prepare the necessary documents to legalize your gambling business and obtain a gambling license in Sweden in accordance with the law, providing full legal support.


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