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BaaS services and White-label banking solutions redefine the approach to launching projects in the financial sector, simplifying companies’ market entry and eliminating possible difficulties with licensing. This allows for quick project launches with significantly reduced budgets, enabling a focus on managing the business.

About White Label Banking

White Label banking represents pre-developed banking or payment solutions that serve as a foundation for creating a proprietary project or forming a partnership with a financial company (e.g., a crypto company). You receive a ready-made infrastructure and have an option of integrating: APIs, modules for conducting payment transactions, and all necessary elements to serve the platform’s users.

White Label software solutions can be customized to fit your project’s branding style by configuring the user interface. This does not mean that you become the holder of a financial license. In this case, it is a partnership with a financial company.

The SBSB team offers clients assistance in finding optimal solutions, enabling them to quickly start operations and utilize ready-made software for their projects. You won’t need to spend several months preparing documents for licensing procedures and permissions. White Label will be enough. 

About BaaS

BaaS (Banking as a Service) is a service that “leases” banking infrastructure to companies offering licensed financial services. Through this format, the project integrates with a partner’s back office and can perform banking functions for its clients. This solution can be adapted to fit your business by selecting various tools and services for customization or expansion. You can choose a model with API integration. Without API integration, the company will provide all services in a separate application.

We offer two banking service options:

  • for unlicensed or crypto projects;
  • for FinTech projects with a Payment Institution License.  

The BaaS services functionality depends on the selected customization option. We offer startups the following services:

  • development of web and mobile banking;
  • mobile applications in Google Play and AppStore with Payment Institution functionality;
  • account opening forms;
  • configuration of referral programs for cards;
  • account servicing;
  • card transaction monitoring;
  • fraud, risk, and AML monitoring;
  • installation and configuration of processing;
  • back-office setup;
  • monthly revenue distribution reports.

SBSB experts will help you find the optimal solution and streamline the project launch, solving all legal and organizational matters. Our team identifies payment systems and ready-made banking ecosystems, introduces potential partners, and ensures full compliance with requirements. Upon signing the contract, you become a business partner.

Who Needs BaaS and White Label Banking Solutions

SBSB lawyers recommend BaaS solutions and the White Label model to startups, crypto companies, companies providing financial and payment services, and other enterprises. This is an excellent option for institutions that do not want to spend time, money, and effort developing their own software and preparing a document package to obtain financial operating licenses.

Ready-made solutions offer several advantages for businesses:

  • the ability to provide customers with a wide range of financial services;
  • scalability for projects;
  • rapid market entry;
  • low development costs and support for compliance with regulatory requirements.

Cost of BaaS and White Label Solutions

Our team develops an individual commercial offer for each client, considering the company’s business model and services planned for user provision.

Why Choose SBSB Fintech Lawyers

If you are interested in BaaS services or White Label banking solutions, reach out to SBSB lawyers. We’ve been in the FinTech field since 2013 and provide comprehensive legal support to all projects from inception to realization. A package offer helps startups establish all business processes during the project launch and avoid risks if the company does not have a full-time lawyer.

Contact us for more information and detailed consultation. We’ll help you successfully launch your FinTech project in the optimal residency for your company!

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