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Planning to launch or scale a crypto project can present numerous complexities, including dealing with tax and law enforcement agencies. Adhering to the requirements of the chosen jurisdiction’s laws is crucial. Challenges might arise during the document preparation stage as crypto asset regulations vary by country. The experts at SBSB Fintech Lawyers offer comprehensive support for crypto projects. Tailoring solutions to each project’s specifics, we ensure compliance with regulatory norms in the chosen jurisdiction, enabling successful launches within legal frameworks.

What is Comprehensive Legal Support

Comprehensive legal support for crypto projects involves consultations and expert assistance at every stage of blockchain and crypto-related project launches. Our team boasts extensive experience in end-to-end support for crypto projects. We assist in selecting the optimal jurisdiction, acquiring crypto licenses for your project, opening corporate accounts, enabling crypto processing, and developing policies and legal documents. We also facilitate the issuance of proprietary tokens and cryptocurrencies and prepare agreements for ICOs, IEOs, or IDOs.

Projects Crypto Consulting Firm Deals With

Our specialists offer end-to-end legal support services for crypto businesses. Our goal is to help clients realize their business ideas and launch projects in the simplest and fastest way possible. Below are our primary services for supporting crypto projects.

Crypto Licenses

SBSB Fintech Lawyers offer services to obtain licenses for crypto funds, exchanges, and banks across various jurisdictions worldwide in Europe, Asia, Latin America, or offshore jurisdictions. Our SBSB specialists will tailor an optimal solution based on your business model. Additionally, we’ll assist in preparing documentation and acquiring licenses for the lawful initiation of your crypto business.

GDPR consulting

GDPR [General Data Protection Regulation] outlines mandatory rules for companies collecting and processing personal data of EU users. Companies operating online must comply to ensure user data protection and control. Our team of experts offers legal consultation, aids in document development, and implements technical services on websites, adhering to GDPR requirements. Non-compliance may lead to penalties for companies.

Developing GDPR Policies for Crypto Projects

SBSB experts draft Privacy Policy documents for crypto projects, including Internal Privacy Policies (GDPR), Retention Policy, Data Retention Policy/Schedule, Employee(Contractor) Privacy Notice and Consent, Data Breach Response and Notification Procedure, Data Erasure Policy, and Data Processing Agreement. They describe how companies collect, store, protect, and use user-gathered information. We adopt an individualized approach for each project, considering the company’s activities.

White Label Consulting

SBSB lawyers offer solutions that allow clients to swiftly start working as authorized payment system agents without waiting for license issuance. You can lease cryptolicenses or software solutions, becoming a full business partner. We provide tailored solutions, sourcing suitable payment systems and partners, solving legal and organizational issues.

AML for Crypto

Developing AML [Anti Money Laundering] policies is a critical stage in crypto project creation. These policies aim to combat money laundering, requiring service providers to establish specific rules to protect their businesses by verifying data and monitoring customers, detecting, preventing, and eliminating financial crimes associated with laundering and converting illegally obtained cryptocurrencies into cash. Implementing AML policies on a website helps identify customers, assess potential risks, and demonstrate compliance with legal requirements to regulators.

KYC for Crypto

KYC [Know Your Client] programs focus on customer identification, comprehensive risk assessment, and continuous transaction monitoring to timely identify signs of criminal money laundering activity and notify relevant law enforcement authorities.

Tokenization and ICO

SBSB fintech lawyers provide comprehensive legal support for launching tokens, cryptocurrencies, and NFT marketplaces. Our team analyzes projects, assesses risks, opens corporate accounts, assists in jurisdiction selection, prepares technical documentation, policies, and agreements for ICOs, IEOs, or IDOs, and helps obtain necessary permissions and licenses.

Why Address SBSB Lawyers for Comprehensive Support of Your Project

Our team has been working in the FinTech and Crypto fields since 2013, accumulating successful project launch experience. We assist clients at every stage, from document preparation, policy development, and bank account openings to company registration and licensing. Each client case is handled individually, considering local corporate and tax legislation.

If you seek a successful crypto project launch, turn to SBSB experts! We’ll choose the optimal jurisdiction for your business and provide comprehensive legal support at every stage of project creation and launch!


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