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Crowdfunding, or public project funding, has become a global trend in what concerns investment raising for startups. One of the reasons of crowdfunding popularity is that there is no demanding lender, such as banks, which could seize the owner’s property any time if the loan repayment is delayed.

Such crowdfunding platforms as Kickstarter, Indiegogo and Boomstarter are known to many people today. However, considering the growing number of startups, money raising is no longer the only appealing idea; another one is creating one’s own crowdfunding platform that could bring in a fee revenue amounting to 3-5% of the funds collected for startups.

As is the case with investment activities, crowdfunding platforms are subject to legislative regulation, so the first thing one needs to do is solicit qualified legal support. Our team is there to offer a set of turnkey solutions designed to create an international crowdfunding platform.

The approach proposed by SBSB consists in end-to-end investment project servicing, covering the selection of the foreign jurisdiction for company establishment, preparation of crowdfunding licensing documents, ongoing legal support and ultimately the full-fledged project launch.

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