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Obtaining the Malta gaming licence is a priority for many large operators. This jurisdiction attracts investors and entrepreneurs from around the world due to its regulatory norms, which create favorable conditions for business development while protecting the interests of players.

SBSB Fintech Lawyers will help you obtain a Maltese license and provide legal support at every stage of the licensing process, taking into account the needs of your business.

Regulation of Gambling Business in Malta

Malta was one of the first European countries to legalize online gambling after the Remote Gaming Regulations were adopted in 2004. The Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) is responsible for regulating the iGaming sector.

Categories of Gambling Licenses in Malta

The Maltese regulator issues licenses to both B2C and B2B operators. Potential licensees can obtain the following types of B2C solutions:

  • Class 1 is a remote gaming license Malta, covering online casinos, lotteries, gambling, and random number generators.
  • Class 2 is for bookmakers.
  • Class 3 is suitable for gaming portals, P2P, poker networks.
  • Class 4 is required for games involving special skills (agility games, fantasy sports, etc.).

B2B licenses are obtained by software developers and gaming equipment suppliers.

It is recommended to consult with SBSB experts to choose the correct license category depending on the services you plan to provide to players.

Advantages of Gambling License Malta

The most important thing is that after licensing, the gambling project will operate in the legal field, avoiding sanctions and penalties from the regulator. SBSB specialists draw your attention to the following advantages of the Malta license:

  • legislative regulation of the gambling industry, including remote gambling;
  • opportunity to open accounts in European banks;
  • high trust from partners, financial institutions, and players worldwide;
  • favorable tax regime and tax incentives make Malta an attractive place for registration;
  • thanks to its wide functionality, it covers several types of games — poker, roulette, lotteries, etc.;
  • the island has a large number of highly qualified specialists in the gambling industry. This is an important aspect, as one of the regulator’s requirements is that potential licensees must open a physical office in the jurisdiction and hire at least 4 employees.

Other advantages include the jurisdiction’s prestige and Malta’s participation in numerous double taxation avoidance agreements. However, the licensing process is considered one of the most complex and time-consuming. SBSB experts will help you obtain a Malta license for citizens of different countries, taking care of all organizational, bureaucratic, and legal matters.

How to Get Maltese Gaming License

There are strict requirements for the licensing procedure in Malta. In addition to preparing a package of documents about the owner and applicant, a three-year business plan, and other corporate documentation, potential licensees must:

  • register a legal entity in Malta.
  • open two bank accounts — operational and player funds accounts (allowed to be opened in different banks).
  • deposit the share capital of €40,000 – €240,000 into the operational account (the amount depends on the type of license chosen).
  • appoint an internal auditor and a financial monitoring specialist.

Please note that the company’s gaming servers must be located in Malta.

After submitting the application, each company undergoes a system check and a technical audit for compliance with MGA requirements and standards. The regulator also conducts a financial analysis of the business plan and carefully examines the rules and procedures of the games. MGA may request additional information or require amendments to the documents in accordance with the current Gambling Laws.

Malta has a fairly strict regulator and stringent requirements, so it is better to entrust the licensing process to professionals. SBSB Fintech Lawyers know the requirements of regulatory bodies and the peculiarities of the gambling industry in Malta and other jurisdictions. Contact us, and we will provide you with detailed information on the regulator’s requirements and provide comprehensive legal support for obtaining a turnkey license.

Malta Gaming License Cost

The final cost of obtaining a Maltese license depends on several factors, including the license category, payment of the state fee when submitting the application, and additional legal services. Malta online gambling license cost may also include writing policies for the site and preparing mandatory documents. After successful registration, operators must pay an annual license fee.

Contact SBSB specialists, and we will provide you with the exact price for registration after analyzing the business model of your project.

Contact SBSB Experts for Malta iGaming License

Since 2013, the SBSB Fintech Lawyers team has been helping clients launch FinTech, Crypto, and Gambling projects in various jurisdictions. We provide comprehensive legal support at all stages of gambling business development, taking into account the individual characteristics of each business project.

Experienced SBSB experts provide assistance in obtaining a Malta online gaming license, as well as in other popular jurisdictions in the shortest possible time.

Contact SBSB lawyers, we will answer all your questions and help you open a gambling business anywhere in the world!

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