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Globalization processes have transformed modern businesses. Hypercompetition, the development and use of information technologies, the elimination of barriers in cross-border trade, and successful investment attraction contribute to many entrepreneurs expanding their enterprises and entering the international arena. Today, not only large corporations but also small and medium-sized entrepreneurs can operate worldwide. SBSB Fintech Lawyers specialists assist clients in registering a company in jurisdictions optimal for them, taking into account project specifics. When collaborating with our team, you will receive a comprehensive package of services:

  • qualified consultations on corporate law, tax and administrative law, licensing, company formation and registration;
  • development of corporate documents, agreements, and contracts;
  • opening a foreign office;
  • preparation of documents for tax and regulatory authorities for company incorporation or liquidation;
  • opening bank accounts and connecting merchant accounts;
  • legal support before and after project launch.

Address SBSB experts, and we will provide your business with quality legal services!

Choosing Jurisdiction For Company Registration

Choosing a country is the first and crucial step in scaling. Our experts recommend selecting reliable jurisdictions based on business priorities, the type of activity, the country or region of the target audience, tax nuances, the organizational and legal form of the enterprise, and other factors. We will be happy to help you successfully launch your project!

Business Registration Services

SBSB specialists work with jurisdictions worldwide. We can assist you with the registration of a new business entity, providing comprehensive legal support at all stages of company opening. If you are looking for the most suitable jurisdiction for your project, consider some of them.

Company Registration In Europe

European jurisdictions are among the most popular and prestigious platforms for startups and major players in various industries. There are several advantages for those willing to register a new company on the European continent:

  • countries have established a reputation as reliable jurisdictions;
  • the opportunity to work with foreign partners and international investments;
  • transparent tax systems;
  • a developed banking system with a wide range of banks and non-bank payment institutions.

Consider jurisdictions such as the United Kingdom, Estonia, Switzerland, Lithuania, Malta, and Portugal.

Offshore Companies Registration

Registering a company in offshore zones suits organizations with low initial capital and those looking to avoid excessive regulation by central banks or other regulatory authorities. Among the advantages of establishing entities in Panama, Belize, Mauritius, Costa Rica, St. Lucia, the British Virgin Islands, and other offshore countries are favorable tax conditions and the confidentiality of founders’ personal data.

Company Registration In Asia

If you plan to enter the Asia-Pacific region, you can register a new business in Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, the UAE, or another country. Our specialists have experience in successfully launching fintech, crypto, and IT projects in these jurisdictions. We can develop an individual solution for legalizing your business according to your company’s business model and local legislation.

Company Registration In Africa

Countries with developing economies in Africa can be an excellent starting point for entering the international arena. The region’s main advantages include local authorities’ favorable attitude towards foreign investors, the presence of free trade zones, flexibility in tax systems, and straightforward registration requirements. SBSB experts will help you register your organization in Nigeria, South Africa, Mauritius, or the Seychelles.

Company Registration In USA

For legal work with American partners, we recommend registering your business in the USA. Choosing the right type of company is a complex process, as the legal requirements for incorporating a business and the taxation system are different in each state. We will assist you in choosing the most suitable state, tax type, company form (LLC or C-corporation), and opening a bank account locally.

Business Registration Consulting

The SBSB team provides company registration consulting services. Our goal is to relieve you of the hassle of formalizing your business’s legal status. We help clients bring their ideas to life and achieve their goals, offering full project support, including:

  • preparation of all necessary documents for registration, including articles of incorporation, agreements, etc.;
  • assistance in choosing the optimal registration location considering tax, legal, and economic factors;
  • preparation and submission of registration documents and applications, along with support throughout the corporate registration process;
  • if necessary, legal, tax, and accounting support for subsequent activities in accordance with local legislation.

Legal Support For Startups

Bring your ideas to life, and we’ll help you with new company registration and address complex legal, corporate, and organizational issues:

  • analysis and development of contracts, articles, founding documents, agreements, and policies for the website;
  • registration of intellectual property rights, crucial for IT businesses;
  • tax consultations and accounting management;
  • creation of a business structure, choosing a registration country, and obtaining necessary licenses for legal operations.

The SBSB team is ready to take on all legal hassles, allowing you to focus on developing your business!

Trademark Registration

SBSB handles the registration of trademarks and patents, assisting in obtaining copyright for software or other objects. Our specialists at SBSB are ready to advise you on all related matters, conduct preliminary checks and expertise, assist in preparing necessary documents, and obtain a certificate.

Contact The Experts At SBSB Fintech Lawyers To Register A Business

The SBSB Fintech Lawyers team has been involved in preparing and launching projects worldwide since 2013, providing business registration services to clients. Our specialists help you choose the optimal jurisdiction, and after the successful implementation of your idea, we are ready to assist you in project support.

Submit your request, and our specialists will contact you to discuss all the details of your project!

Company Registration

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Company Registration In USA

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