Obtaining crypto licenses, white label consulting,
ICO/STO, supporting NFT marketplaces, drafting policies
for crypto projects, DAOs, and gamify projects

Explore tokenization with SBSB Fintech Lawyers, a trusted legal partner in mastering the complexities of decentralized finance. Our team offers services specifically designed to strengthen businesses. Provide a seamless and legally sound exploration of the rapidly changing world of digital assets.

Strategic project analysis

SBSB Fintech lawyers take a comprehensive look at a business, identifying potential risks and providing strategic advice. This analysis is the cornerstone for building a solid legal foundation for the tokenization business.

Expert guidance on jurisdiction selection

Choosing the right jurisdiction is a critical decision. SBSB Fintech experts will select one that meets your business objectives. This strategic choice ensures regulatory compliance, optimizes operational efficiency, and minimizes legal complexities.

Expertise in ICO, IEO, IDO and cryptocurrency regulation

Confidently navigate fundraising strategies, whether it is an Initial Coin Offering (ICO), Initial Exchange Offering (IEO), Initial Offering on Decentralized Exchanges (IDO) or cryptocurrency regulatory compliance. Provide advice tailored to the needs of the project, optimizing the fundraising approach.

Obtain licenses and approvals

Increase your project’s credibility by obtaining the necessary licenses and permits. Our skilled legal team will streamline the process of obtaining them, ensuring the project meets regulatory requirements. This not only builds trust, but also identifies the project as a reliable player in decentralized finance.

Assist in the smooth opening of corporate accounts and trading services

Save time and resources by providing hands-on assistance in opening corporate accounts and services so you can focus on your core business goals and objectives.

Preparing legal documentation for token issuance

We carefully prepare the necessary documents for token issuance and sale, ensuring legal clarity and compliance with industry standards. This proactive approach reduces the legal risks associated with tokenization.

Evaluate legislation and provide structured advice

Get one-on-one advice on the legislation surrounding asset tokenization. SBSB Fintech lawyers guide you in selecting the best legal structure given the types of assets, regulatory requirements and project objectives. This strategic guidance ensures that the project complies with ever-changing legislation.

Register assets and obtain International Securities Identification Numbers (ISINs) to meet regulatory requirements

Ensure robust regulatory compliance with our support for tokenized asset registration. We assist in obtaining International Securities Identification Numbers (ISINs) and registering with regulators when required. This approach ensures that your tokenized assets meet regulatory standards.

Drafting and reviewing contracts for legal accuracy

Trust our legal expertise to draft key agreements for your tokenization journey. SBSB Fintech lawyers review and revise agreements with investment funds, custodians, asset sellers and ensure contractual obligations are meticulously fulfilled. This legal precision protects the interests of the project.

Review marketing materials and advise on compliance with advertising requirements

Confidently navigate advertising restrictions. The SBSB Fintech team will review marketing materials, providing strategic advice to ensure regulatory compliance. This will increase the effectiveness of promotional efforts while reducing the legal risks associated with marketing in decentralized finance.

Careful preparation of Simple Agreements for Future Tokens (SAFRs) to improve transactional efficiency

As a complement to the services described above, SBSB Fintech lawyers offer to prepare Simple Agreements on Future Tokens (SAFR). They increase the efficiency and transparency of your tokenized asset transactions by providing a clear structure for future token issuance.

Trust us with your journey into tokenization. We will make every step safe and profitable. Our experience ensures compliance with laws, minimizing risks and successfully navigating new opportunities.


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Crypto Licences in Kong
Crypto Licences in Kong
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Crypto Licences in Kong

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