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Many entrepreneurs strive to scale their businesses and open their own companies in European jurisdictions. If you have decided to register a company in Europe, the experts at SBSB Fintech Lawyers will help you choose the optimal country based on your project’s business model and provide comprehensive legal support for the registration process.

Advantages of Company Registration in Europe

European jurisdictions are popular among entrepreneurs for several reasons:

  • developed financial infrastructure and a wide range of payment solutions;
  • in some European countries, banks offer favorable lending conditions or grants for startups and small businesses;
  • European company incorporation is trusted and considered a reliable partner that operates under the legislation of a specific EU country;
  • the opportunity to enter the markets of other EU member states and conduct commercial activities on their territory;
  • EU and EEA countries offer tax incentives for small and medium-sized businesses;
  • interest in foreign investments from governments and a low level of corruption;
  • after a successful start, you can create subsidiary companies that will operate in the territories of other European countries.

Despite the listed benefits, each country has different legislative requirements for registration and business conduct rules, taxation systems, operational expenses for accounting services, and office rent. That is why it is advisable to use the services of professionals in Expert European Company Formation. The SBSB specialists take a comprehensive approach to the registration process, taking into account the specific features of each jurisdiction.

Where to Open Company in Europe?

SBSB experts recommend paying attention to popular jurisdictions that offer the most favorable conditions for foreign investors, such as Estonia, Lithuania, Cyprus, Malta, Poland, Portugal, Czech Republic, and Switzerland. The choice of a country largely depends on the company’s business model, target market, and budget for launch. Since 2013, the SBSB Fintech Lawyers team has been helping clients successfully launch projects in various regions of the world. Our experts are ready to provide European Company Setup Services, solving all organizational and legal issues for you.

Requirements for EU Company Registration

The conditions for registration may vary depending on the requirements of regulatory acts in each country. General requirements imposed on businesses at the registration stage include:

  • unique registered name;
  • list of officials;
  • chosen organizational form (limited liability company, joint-stock company, branch, partnership, or representation);
  • paid-up share capital.

Company formation in Europe includes several stages:

  • choosing a jurisdiction based on your requirements;
  • preparing a document package;
  • obtaining a legal address;
  • registering the legal entity;
  • opening a corporate bank account.

Requirements for non-residents vary in each jurisdiction. To reduce risks, foreign entrepreneurs need individualized assistance for company registration in Europe. Qualified SBSB specialists are well-versed in the European market and local legislation. We will consult you on the company incorporation in Europe and in other regions of the world, help you understand the conditions for starting a business in the country of your interest, and ensure compliance with the requirements for a successful launch.

Cost of Business Register Europe

The price depends on many factors, so we calculate each project individually. The package of services includes preparing a document package in accordance with the requirements of the chosen jurisdiction, professional company registration in Europe, annual accounting, if necessary — legal support and audit. Contact us to discuss the details of your project!

How to Register Company in EU with SBSB Fintech Lawyers

Our team helps clients turn all business ideas into reality, from choosing a jurisdiction and registering a company to supporting the project after launch. We also help you obtain a legal address and open a corporate bank account. Contact SBSB specialists for more detailed information and a list of services for qualified Europe business incorporation.

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