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The GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) is a legislative act of the EU, effective since 2018. The regulation is designed to protect the personal data of all individuals within the European Union and the European Economic Area. Its requirements also extend to the export of personal information beyond the EU and EEA, hence all companies operating online, collecting, and processing individuals’ personal data must adhere to the document’s norms. Any violations — processing personal data without user consent, absence, or non-compliance with required measures for protecting personal data on websites and other legislation requirements regarding personal data — pose the risk of fines of up to €20 million for organizations in the gaming sector.

Compliance with these provisions aims to protect users and provide them with control over their personal data. SBSB experts recommend gambling projects to develop necessary policies and implement technical services meeting GDPR requirements into their internet platforms. Our specialists ensure comprehensive legal support for companies in the gaming industry, including policy analysis, risk assessment, and recommendations necessary for GDPR compliance.

Developing Policies for Gaming Projects

The SBSB legal team develops policies for companies operating in the gambling sector, including:

  • Privacy Policy. It comprises Internal Privacy Policies, Retention Policy, Data Retention Policy/Schedule, Employee (Contractor) Privacy Notice and Consent, Data Breach Response and Notification Procedure, Data Erasure Policy, and Data Processing Agreement. These documents outline how and for what purposes the website or application collects, stores, protects, or erases users’ personal data. They also inform users about data collection and usage, their rights, and security measures.
  • Cookies Policy. These documents contain information about the data collected from clients and why it’s necessary to store them in cookie files, how the website uses them, and how users can permit or block their installation.
  • AML/KYC Policies. This guide elaborates measures helping the project prevent financial crimes on the platform and protect users from fraudulent actions by other users.
  • Terms and Conditions. Essentially, it’s a public agreement between the operator and the website or application user. The rules are presented to clients for review, explaining the terms of using online casinos. The document also specifies the responsibility zones, rights, and obligations of the parties. The policy is also necessary for interactions with banks as it outlines the site’s policy and the laws of the country regulating the platform’s activities.
  • Responsible Gambling Policy. A set of rules that helps players gamble safely and avoid addiction. Licensed platforms are obliged to comply with responsible gaming rules and create conditions for users to prevent gaming addiction.
  • Underage Gaming Policy. This document should prevent the registration, account creation, and participation in gambling by minors. The policy’s feature is that it can be part of the Terms and Conditions or placed as a separate section on the website.

If necessary, SBSB specialists can also help review and edit policies, documents, and processes on websites or in applications for AppStore and Google Play to comply with GDPR requirements. Upon request, our team can conduct training on personal data protection and GDPR compliance or develop recommendations for GDPR compliance assurance.

Cost of Developing Policies to Comply with GDPR Requirements

Each project is unique, hence the cost varies each time. When developing documentation, our specialists consider the project type, necessary internal and external policies, their volume, and the company’s service range.

Why You Should Consult SBSB Lawyers

Since 2013, we have successfully launched gaming projects worldwide. Thanks to our extensive experience, our team provides comprehensive legal support to each client. We assist in selecting optimal jurisdiction, preparing a document package for obtaining licenses for online casinos, betting, lotteries, bets, poker, writing necessary policies, and aligning your business with GDPR norms.

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