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When searching for the most suitable jurisdiction, many entrepreneurs consider offshore business setup. They are attracted by favorable conditions for launching and further operation, flexible taxation, and the absence of overly strict legislative requirements. SBSB Fintech Lawyers experts offer clients offshore company setup services. Our team will help you choose an optimal jurisdiction for successfully launching your business anywhere in the world.

Who Should Register Offshore Company

Most often, institutions with low starting capital choose company incorporation offshore. Such registration is suitable for various companies: IT and fintech projects, crypto startups, e-commerce, forex brokers, investment funds, and other organizations looking for less regulated jurisdictions.

Offshore company creation has several advantages:

  • no requirements for residency of persons in managerial positions;
  • confidentiality of information about beneficiaries;
  • favorable tax rates;
  • less stringent requirements for accounting and financial reporting.

Despite the simpler registration procedure, offshore jurisdictions actively change legislation and requirements for companies. Therefore, it is necessary to understand the nuances of local laws. The SBSB team consists of qualified specialists in expert offshore business formation. Thanks to their many years of experience, they will help you resolve all legal issues when opening companies anywhere in the world.

Best Jurisdiction to Open Offshore Company

When choosing a registration country, SBSB specialists recommend paying attention to tax authorities’ requirements, your target audience, the jurisdiction’s reputation in the global market (some countries are included in the “blacklists” of regulatory authorities). Other important factors in choosing a jurisdiction include the political situation, the development of the banking system, and the state of the economy in the country. Our team provides individualized assistance for offshore companies registration in Seychelles, British Virgin Islands, Belize, Curacao, Costa Rica, Mauritius, Panama, St. Lucia, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Dubai, and other countries.

Offshore Companies Registration Specifics 

To open an offshore company and successfully launch a business, you need to go through the following stages:

  • choose a promising jurisdiction;
  • choose the legal form of the enterprise;
  • decide on a unique name;
  • collect documents and submit them for consideration to the local regulator;
  • open a corporate bank account.

Registration times depend on the jurisdiction. In Belize, it takes a week, while in Costa Rica, it can take a month.

The requirements for offshore registration include a certain set of documents. Most often, you need to provide the passport of the beneficiary or their representative. A detailed description of the company’s activity, proof of residence of the company owner, often a second document to confirm identity, letter of recommendation from the bank, and CV are also required.

It is worth noting the differences in requirements for a physical office. In some countries, you can do without it, though strict requirements are imposed on the legal address in each jurisdiction.

Qualified SBSB specialists understand the legislative nuances of offshore jurisdictions and changes in the business environment and taxation systems. We offer clients individual solutions tailored to their business requirements.

Cost of Offshore Company Formation

The price depends on several factors, including state fees, the cost of a legal address, as well as the registration agent, the development of KYC procedures, and other parameters. For more detailed consultation, you can contact our specialists.

Offshore Business Registration with SBSB Fintech Lawyers

SBSB lawyers have been providing comprehensive legal support for offshore companies since 2013. We assist clients at all stages of launching their business, including offshore incorporation. Contact our specialists, and we will help you choose a friendly jurisdiction for your business and easily go through all registration procedures.

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