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Kahnawake is a First Nations reserve in the Canadian province of Quebec where gambling (including online games) is permitted by the law. 

To operate an online gaming or betting platform legally in Kahnawake, one must obtain a gambling license from the Kahnawake Gaming Commission, renowned for its proficiency and integrity in the global gambling arena. The Commission holds the power to issue and rescind licenses, implying that license seekers are required to uphold exemplary customer service standards and strictly adhere to all regulatory gambling norms and directives specific to Kahnawake.

Gambling  license in  Kahnawake is one of the most sought-after among operators due to its reliable regulatory body, the ability to launch an iGaming project based on a license, and the absence of gambling taxes. 

With a Kahnawake gambling license, you are authorized to legally operate online gambling activities worldwide. Having a high reputation, the license will help you earn credibility with partners and customers. This solution will allow you to open accounts in European payment institutions and thoroughly work with crypto and fiat money. 

Over 250 online casinos owned by 50 operators operate with a Kahnawake license. These establishments are located in many countries and are successfully used under the current license. 

Advantages of gambling license in Kahnawake 

High Level of Trust: Kahnawake provides a direct full license from the regulator (unlike a sublicense typical in jurisdictions like Curacao), ensuring a high trust level.A gambling license from Kahnawake lends significant credibility to your operation and opens doors to the global market, offering a supreme solution for growing your operations across various countries without the imperative of a local presence.

Flexibility: The company operator can be located anywhere without restrictions. The physical office location and tax residency do not pose any limitations.

Prestigious Jurisdiction: By obtaining a Canadian gambling license through Kahnawake, your prestige and reputation in the global gambling market are significantly enhanced.

Versatility: Operations can be conducted in multiple regions, with only the United States being restricted on the Regulator’s Prohibited List of Countries.

Broad Payment Solutions: From fiat to cryptocurrencies, expand your payment gateways.

International Reach: The regulator has the authority to grant licenses to offshore and EU companies operating within legal boundaries of gambling.

The key advantage of obtaining a gambling license in Kahnawake is the high speed and efficiency of the Gaming Commission’s operations, which allows the licensing process to be significantly faster than in many other jurisdictions.

Moreover, companies seeking to obtain a license from the Kahnawake Gaming Commission can benefit from the absence of tax on gaming revenues, thanks to a zero corporate tax rate and no additional gambling taxes in this jurisdiction.

Holding a Kahnawake gambling license grants access to a broad spectrum of gaming offerings, from online casino platforms and esports events to poker, sports gambling, lotteries, bingo, horse race betting, skill challenges, and fantasy sports contests.

Types of gambling licenses in Kahnawake

Kahnawake issues several types of gambling licenses. Below you can see the main differences between them. 

  • Interactive Gaming License – a license that provides the holder with a Kahnawake domain hosting. This document is necessary for the online casino operation.
  • Client Provider Authorisation – a single license for all types of online games (casino, baccarat, slots, bingo, poker rooms, interactive games, etc.)
  • Live Dealer Studio Authorizations – a permit necessary for the operation and management of studios broadcasting live dealer games.
  • Secondary CPA is required for companies that wish to expand and enter new markets.
  • Key Person License is necessary for the managing bodies of a company holding a Client Provider Authorization.

As we have mentioned before, gambling games are not subdivided into any types; however, depending on the type of gambling a provider wants to operate, there might be specific provisions, benefits, and functional features. 

Regulator Requirements for Regulatory Approval for Gambling in Kahnawake and License Acquisition

Key steps to acquire a license in Kahnawake:

  • Staff Selection: Founders, shareholders, and directors must not be on any sanction lists, free of debts and convictions, and must verify the sources of their incomes.
  • Company Structure Requirements: Your company must have at least one shareholder and one director.
  • Key Person Appointment: Appoint at least one individual to a managerial position who has special permissions from the Kahnawake Gaming Commission – the Key Person Permit.
  • Documentation Collection: Gather all the necessary documents.
  • Application Submission: Fill out the application form and pay the registration fee.

Awaiting License Issuance: Wait for your license to be issued.

After the application review, three outcomes are possible:

  • Approval: Your company is granted a license.
  • Rejection: Your application is denied.
  • Additional Request: The Commission may ask for more documents or information and continue the evaluation.

In the case of approval, the operator is issued a gambling license for six months — considered a probationary period. The Commission then re-examines the company, investigating any player complaints, local law violations, or actions that could damage the Commission’s reputation.

Based on the results of this subsequent review, the license may be extended for five years or revoked.

The process of applying for a Kahnawake betting license Is time-consuming and can seem complex, especially for new companies facing it for the first time.

Timeframe for Obtaining a Gambling License in Kahnawake

The minimum timeframe to get  a gambling license in Kahnawake is 8 to 16 weeks, depending on the current workload of the Gaming Commission. It is important to note that having all the necessary documents can speed up the process, while their absence can lead to delays.

Cost of Obtaining a Gambling License in Kahnawake

The cost of obtaining an online gaming  license in Kahnawake is more affordable compared to jurisdictions such as Malta or the United Kingdom, making it attractive for many startups and small companies.

SBSB experts highlight that every gambling business is an individual project. Understanding the exact financial requirement for a Kahnawake gaming license necessitates an in-depth exploration of the business approach and the evaluation of a multitude of factors. The final pricing is variable, reflecting the complexity of the endeavor and the number of licenses required.Contact our team or submit an application, and SBSB specialists will prepare a detailed price proposal. For more information on the cost of processing your project, please reach out to the SBSB Fintech Lawyers team.

Why You Should Turn to the Experts at SBSB Fintech Lawyers for Obtaining a Gambling License in Kahnawake

Since 2013, the SBSB Fintech Lawyers team has been involved with international fintech, crypto, and gambling projects across various regions of the world. We assist our clients in selecting the optimal jurisdiction, taking into account the requirements of regulatory bodies and the unique aspects of each company’s business model. Our experts provide comprehensive legal support at all stages of project launch, including after the successful licensing procedure. SBSB specialists handle all organizational and bureaucratic issues for our clients.

Our lawyers will help you obtain a gaming license in Kahnawake by offering turnkey services—from consultations to the integration of merchant accounts.

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