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As the global interest in cryptocurrencies and blockchain continues to soar, Panama has emerged as a promising destination for businesses seeking to obtain a crypto license. It is important to understand that, to date, there is no specific law regulating virtual currency in Panama. 

However, the government has acknowledged the potential and opportunities presented by virtual currency and blockchain technologies. There are already instances of enterprises within the country effectively integrating these technologies into their operations, showcasing their adaptability and potential for enhancing business practices.

Benefits of obtaining cryptocurrency license in Panama

In Panama, securing a cryptocurrency license offers numerous advantages that contribute to the country’s appeal as a prime destination for establishing cryptocurrency enterprises:

  1. Robust Infrastructure: Panama boasts a well-developed infrastructure, providing convenient access to essential financial services and advanced technology crucial for cryptocurrency operations. 
  2. Quick Registration: Launching a cryptocurrency venture in Panama is expedited and straightforward. 
  3. Tax Incentives: Panama offers a favourable tax regime, substantially alleviating the tax burden for cryptocurrency firms. International Business Companies (IBCs) in Panama are exempt from taxes on income generated outside the country, with taxation only applicable to transactions conducted within Panama. Furthermore, cryptocurrency transactions are tax-exempt, providing additional financial benefits to businesses in this sector.
  4. Regulatory Flexibility: Cryptocurrency activities in Panama enjoy permissive regulatory conditions, allowing entrepreneurs to conduct business with minimal regulatory constraints. This flexibility enables adaptation to the rapidly evolving cryptocurrency landscape, fostering the development of innovative solutions.
  5. No Citizenship or Residency Requirements: Panama imposes no residency prerequisites for investors establishing companies within its borders. Additionally, there are no citizenship restrictions, ensuring accessibility and flexibility for international entrepreneurs seeking to establish operations in the country.
  6. Strategic Geographic Location: Positioned strategically, Panama serves as an ideal hub for international cryptocurrency transactions. Its geographic location facilitates seamless interaction with global customers and partners, enhancing opportunities for business expansion and collaboration on a global scale.

The combination of all these factors makes Panama an attractive place to start a cryptocurrency company, providing entrepreneurs with the benefits of simplified registration, tax incentives, flexible regulation, and no residency or citizenship restrictions.

How to get  the crypto license

As previously said, currently, there is no special law regulating virtual currencies in Panama, which greatly facilitates and speeds up the process of registration of crypto business. 

To obtain a crypto license in Panama, you need to meet a few minimum requirements: 

  • You need to register a company in Panama with activities classified as SFI (Subject to Financial Intermediation), 
  • Get a local legal address, 
  • Prepare a minimal set of legal documents, 
  • And open a bank account.

In conclusion, Panama offers a welcoming environment for businesses looking to secure a crypto license, with benefits like quick registration, tax incentives, and flexible regulations. SBSB Fintech Lawyers can simplify the process of obtaining this license, guiding entrepreneurs through the necessary steps and ensuring compliance with local regulations. With our expertise, starting a cryptocurrency venture in Panama becomes more accessible and straightforward.



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