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Obtaining a crypto license is the first step in a successful business launch. An official permit from regulatory bodies allows operating within the legal framework in the cryptocurrency market, which is becoming increasingly regulated. Many startups aim to register their projects in countries offering the most favorable conditions for business by obtaining an offshore crypto license.

Who Needs International Digital Currency Permits

Any crypto project — whether it’s a crypto exchange, crypto exchanger, crypto bank, crypto fund, or blockchain providers offering electronic wallet services — must obtain a license, permit, and registration for their type of activity. Acquiring an International cryptocurrency permit (crypto license, crypto registrations, crypto authorizations) ensures that your company operates within the legal framework.

Licenses allow expanding the potential user base of a crypto project, as you may attract clients not only within the country where the crypto company is registered but also non-resident clients from various jurisdictions. Compliance with regulatory requirements ensures partnership opportunities with payment processors and other financial institutions.

Advantages of Offshore License for Cryptocurrency Operations Abroad for Non-Residents

Many startups opt for offshore jurisdictions for licensing and obtaining permits since registration in these areas is less expensive. SBSB lawyers also suggest considering other advantages of Global digital asset permits obtained in offshore jurisdictions:

  • lower tax rates;
  • high level of confidentiality;
  • rather simple corporate reporting rules;
  • easier licensing procedures.

For more detailed information on the advantages of offshore cryptocurrency licensing and obtaining permits, you can contact SBSB experts.

Best Offshore Jurisdictions For Crypto Projects

Currently, the cryptocurrency license, permit, authorization from overseas, such as island offshore zones, are available. Requirements for obtaining a license, application review timelines, and offshore crypto regulatory approval vary depending on the jurisdiction. Therefore, the SBSB team recommends familiarizing yourself with the specifics of the most popular ones:

British Virgin Islands

An appealing direction for registering offshore crypto companies due to low tax rates, minimal registration costs, and annual maintenance of the enterprise. No requirements for minimum authorized capital.


In Gibraltar, licenses can be obtained for simple blockchain projects, ICO projects, crypto exchanges, and exchanges. Mandatory company registration in the country. The licensing process takes several months.

Costa Rica

In Costa Rica, no license or authorization is required for opening a cryptocurrency company, as there is no regulation on issuing permits. One advantage of this offshore crypto haven is that cryptocurrencies are not prohibited in the country and are not regulated by separate legislative acts. The registration process takes up to 5 days.


Panama offers tax benefits for crypto projects and allows settlements using digital assets. The document package depends on the range of services your firm will provide to users. Among the mandatory requirements are a legal address in Panama and regular audits.

Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

A company registered in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines is not subject to taxation. Among the attractive conditions for doing business is the absence of requirements regarding reporting and audits. The crypto license allows users to provide cryptocurrency exchange services, conduct transactions with digital wallets, and engage in initial coin offerings.

If you encounter difficulties with cryptocurrency licensing in foreign jurisdictions, seek help from SBSB legal experts. We can assist you in choosing a crypto-friendly jurisdiction for your project and prepare all necessary documents.

How to Obtain Crypto License in Offshore Jurisdiction

The procedures of licensing and obtaining permits vary depending on the jurisdiction since local regulatory bodies have different requirements for companies planning to work with cryptocurrencies. Among the standard requirements, we can highlight:

  • document package (AML/KYC compliance policy, bank account details);
  • business plan for the first three years of operation;
  • information about beneficiaries and founders, and copies of their identification documents;
  • list of provided services.

Cost of Crypto License from a Foreign Jurisdiction

The license price depends on the nature of the crypto project’s activities, the chosen jurisdiction, the regulator’s established requirements, and fees. Legal services provided to the licensee during document preparation and processing also impact the final price. Therefore, the cost of the license is calculated individually for each project.

why you should address SBSB Fintech Lawyers

Since 2013, our team has been involved in launching crypto projects and providing comprehensive legal support. Thanks to years of experience, we help clients choose the optimal jurisdiction for opening a business, prepare document packages, register companies, open bank and merchant accounts, and resolve organizational issues.

Reach out to SBSB Fintech Lawyers’ attorneys, and you will receive a customized solution considering your company’s business model. Our experts will ensure the smoothest possible launch of your crypto project anywhere in the world in the shortest possible time!


Сrypto license in Costa Rica

up to 3 weeks

Сrypto License In Saint Vincent And Grenadines

up to 3 weeks

Сrypto license in Saint Lucia

up to 3 weeks

Сrypto license in Vanuatu

up to 8 month

Сrypto license in Seychelles

up to 2 weeks

Сrypto license in Bahamas

up to 9 month

Crypto License In Comoros

up to 2 month

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Crypto License In BVI

up to 6 month

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