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To engage in brokerage activities in the Forex market and legally provide services to clients and partners, it is necessary to obtain a special license. SBSB Fintech Lawyers will help you choose the optimal jurisdiction for registration and advise you on obtaining a Costa Rica forex licence.

Regulation of Forex Business and How to Obtain  Costa Rica FX License 

Costa Rica is known for its political and economic stability, as well as favorable conditions for foreign investors. The financial system in the country is regulated by the Central Bank, the National Council for Financial System Supervision (CONASSIF), the General Financial Management (SUGEF), and the Superintendencia General de Valores de Costa Rica (SUGEVAL). 

SUGEVAL regulates the securities market in Costa Rica. This service is responsible for supervising market participants and its transparency — establishing rules, issuing relevant regulations, monitoring compliance with the rules by regulated entities. The regulator oversees the activities of stock exchanges, non-bank financial institutions, broker-dealers, companies managing investment funds, and other organizations.

Trading in the Forex market is legal in this jurisdiction. Transactions with clients’ finances require the correct organization of forex business SBSB specialists can help you with.

Brokers are entitled to provide the following services:

  • buy and sell securities on the stock market, currencies, and cryptocurrencies on behalf of their clients or on their own account;
  • attract loans and provide loans to clients for securities operations;
  • manage investment funds;
  • provide advice on investments and operations in the stock market.

Traders are required to declare profits obtained from Forex trading in the relevant tax return. Among the forex licence requirements Costa Rica is the mandatory reporting of suspicious financial transactions and compliance with anti-money laundering rules.

Failure to fulfill obligations to investors, requirements of the law, and other violations may result in fines and revocation of the permission to operate in the securities market.

Costa Rica Forex License Cost

To obtain a specific price proposal, it is necessary to analyze the project. The cost of obtaining a license includes government fees, assistance in opening a corporate bank account, and other services. Contact us to find out the exact cost of your project.

Obtaining Costa Rica Forex Business with Full Legal Support

Obtaining a forex business is a complex process that requires deep knowledge of the legislative and operational requirements of the chosen jurisdiction. Since 2013, the SBSB Fintech Lawyers team has been successfully launching brokerage projects and providing comprehensive support. Thanks to a deep understanding of regulatory acts and market peculiarities in different regions of the world, our specialists select the most suitable jurisdictions for clients, considering the business model of their company.

Contact us, and we will help you obtain a forex business in accordance with the legislation of the chosen jurisdiction!

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