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An investment fund is a professional asset management tool that attracts many investors. To launch a project, it is necessary to register and obtain the license in the most suitable jurisdiction. Experts from SBSB Fintech Lawyers will advise you on all matters and handle the investment fund registration, taking care of all legal issues.

Reasons for Investment Fund Registration

An investment fund is a financial instrument for capital multiplication, risk distribution, management of financial and non-financial assets, and attracting investors. The fund registration procedure confirms that the institution operates in accordance with the established legislative requirements of the chosen jurisdiction. This ensures transparency of the fund’s activities, increases trust from investors and partners, and attracts potential clients.

Today, there are various types of investment funds. For example, in the Cayman Islands, the regulator CIMA issues licenses or registers the following types: 

  • regulated organizations — licensed, administered, registered funds, and Master Fund; 
  • unregulated structures (closed and open) can be registered share funds and Private funds.

SBSB lawyers help clients obtain licenses for various types of investment and hedge funds. For example, on Malta, the MFSA Financial Services Authority classifies such structures as

  • professional investor funds; 
  • alternative investment institutions.

SBSB experts will help you register an investment fund in the shortest possible time, providing comprehensive support at every stage of your project’s implementation.

Best Place to Register Investment Fund

SBSB lawyers assist with opening investment funds in more than 40 countries worldwide. After analyzing the project, our specialists select optimal jurisdictions with the best conditions for opening various types of investment organizations. We pay attention to legislative regulation and tax regimes.

The Bahamas attract investors with simple registration conditions, while Luxembourg offers strict confidentiality rules and favorable taxation. The Cayman Islands have no currency control and low tax rates, earning this jurisdiction a prestigious reputation among financiers worldwide. Contact us, and we will help you open an investment fund in Switzerland, Estonia, Singapore, the British Virgin Islands, and other jurisdictions.

Fund Registration Process

Each jurisdiction has its own regulatory rules that affect the activities of investment funds, as well as the procedure for their registration and/or licensing. Some stages can take several months.

In general terms, to register an investment fund, you need to:

  • develop an organizational structure and prepare the necessary documents (investment strategy, private placement memorandum, various agreements);
  • appoint a director;
  • appoint a fund manager — an individual or legal entity. The main requirement is to have the appropriate license;
  • pay the license fee annually.

For more detailed information on the main stages of Investment fund registration, you can contact SBSB experts.

SBSB specialists note that many regulators have similar requirements for registration:

  • registration of a legal entity;
  • development of AML/KYC policies;
  • contribution of the authorized capital (the amount depends on the jurisdiction);
  • confirmation of relevant experience for the fund manager.

Regulatory bodies often impose strict requirements on the registration of such organizations, and the procedure itself consists of many stages and nuances that require the assistance of qualified lawyers. Therefore, it is worth entrusting the solution of bureaucratic formalities to specialists with deep knowledge of the legislation of different countries and extensive experience in successfully opening investment funds.

Cost of Registering an Investment Fund

For precise information on the registration cost, we recommend contacting our specialists. SBSB lawyers calculate the cost of each project individually, taking into account the peculiarities of the customer’s business model, the appropriate jurisdiction, registration terms, and the number of additional services. Leave a request for consultation, and we will contact you to discuss an individual pricing offer.

Investment Vehicle Registration as Turnkey Solution

Since 2013, SBSB Fintech Lawyers has been providing comprehensive legal support for fintech, crypto, and investment projects. Our portfolio includes dozens of successful cases of registering and opening investment funds in jurisdictions around the world. The SBSB team helps select the optimal jurisdiction and prepares a package of documents in accordance with the regulator’s requirements.

It is recommended to turn to experienced professionals if you are considering registering an financial investment fund. SBSB experts provide legal services in a manner of a turnkey solution — consultations, company registration, document preparation, and bank account opening. We also represent clients’ interests at meetings with government agencies.

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