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The SBSB Fintech Lawyers team has been providing comprehensive legal support for FinTech projects since 2013. We offer turnkey solutions — from choosing the optimal jurisdiction for business registration to preparing all necessary documents for obtaining financial and payment licenses worldwide, monthly lawyer support, tax burden calculation, and developing software for payment systems.

Obtaining Payment Licenses

We assist FinTech startups and already running companies in obtaining permissions for payment services in various jurisdictions across Europe, Asia, and Latin America:

  • EMI license;
  • PI license;
  • small, restricted, or specialized PI and EMI licenses;
  • SVF, MSO, and MSB licenses.

After analyzing the client’s project, we offer up-to-date FinTech payment solutions for future businesses, assist in choosing the license type and optimal jurisdiction in different regions of the world, and register the company in the chosen country. Our suite of services for FinTech projects also includes opening bank accounts, preparing documents and applications for obtaining permissions, and liaising with regulatory bodies.

BaaS White-label Banking Solutions

The BaaS service and White-label banking solutions enable companies to launch projects without spending considerable time, money, and team efforts on developing proprietary software. SBSB experts assist in finding payment systems willing to ‘rent out’ their payment licenses to our clients. Upon signing an agreement with a partner, you begin operating as an authorized payment system agent. 

SBSB lawyers select licenses and software that meet project requirements. Our team helps clients implement ideas by handling legal and organizational matters on their behalf!

FinTech Consulting

SBSB Fintech Lawyers provide comprehensive legal support for FinTech services, allowing focus on project development and working within the legal framework in strict compliance with regulatory and tax authorities. 

Our experts offer legal support on a wide range of issues in the FinTech and financial services:

  • analyzing and editing contracts;
  • preparing documentation for licensing and project registration procedures;
  • analyzing business model risks;
  • communicating with banks and regulators;
  • developing or amending internal and external policies;
  • issuing legal opinions;
  • drafting memorandums for FinTech projects.

Banking License

Realize your business idea of launching a financial institution and providing banking services by obtaining a banking license. SBSB specialists help obtain various types of activity permits, including offshore banking licenses.

We offer a comprehensive approach to obtaining banking licenses, considering the preferences and goals of the future project, as well as the regulatory requirements of the relevant jurisdiction’s regulatory body. SBSB experts advise clients and provide the following services:

  • company registration;
  • drafting policies and preparing documents for the licensing process (business plan, financial forecast, organizational structure);
  • assistance in opening accounts in local and international banks (safeguard, corporate, correspondent, and others);
  • connecting merchant accounts, Visa, Mastercard, SEPA, SWIFT;
  • tax burden calculation;
  • communicating with regulators until the license is obtained.

AML for FinTech

We develop and assist in implementing internal and external AML (Anti-money laundering) policies to prevent the payment business from becoming a platform for laundering illegally obtained finances. SBSB offers a range of services:

  • AML consulting;
  • assisting payment institutions in complying with AML/KYC legislation;
  • procedure analysis;
  • identifying risks and vulnerabilities in control systems;
  • developing AML policies and procedures.

We also provide GDPR consulting:

  • consultations on legal issues related to complying with requirements for the processing, storage, deletion, and transfer of personal data;
  • assistance in constructing procedures for the security of personal data;
  • developing and reviewing documents and processes to comply with GDPR requirements.

Why Choose SBSB Fintech Lawyers

Our experts have years of experience in FinTech financial services, with dozens of successful practical cases in our portfolio. We offer each client an individual solution, considering the unique characteristics of their business model.

Contact SBSB lawyers, and we’ll help you launch your project quickly in any part of the world!


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