White label consulting

Obtaining crypto licenses, white label consulting,
ICO/STO, supporting NFT marketplaces, drafting policies
for crypto projects, DAOs, and gamify projects

White Label solutions enable crypto companies to “lease” a ready-made license and swiftly launch their project within a compressed timeframe, utilizing an existing infrastructure equipped with all necessary functionalities (money transfer gateways, fraud prevention tools, scalability, or integration capabilities for new transfer services, etc.). The ready-made software is customizable, typically involving branding, design, and user interface modifications.

With years of experience and a comprehensive approach, the SBSB team provides an optimal solution. We assist in identifying ready-made licenses and partners offering software.

Which Projects Require White Label Services and Integration with Companies Having Financial Licenses 

SBSB experts recommend White Label to crypto companies, companies providing financial services, as well as other companies, aiming for a rapid market entry while minimizing financial and time investments in software development from scratch. Under the White Label agreement, using a third party’s “financial license” makes you a business partner. Therefore, after signing the contract, you can focus on project development.

Advantages of White Label Model for Cryptocurrency Business

SBSB experts highlight the following advantages of White Label for crypto projects:

  • swift business launch on a ready-made platform for exchanging, selling, storing, or transferring cryptocurrencies and fiat;
  • ready-made software with the necessary features and functionalities for cryptocurrency operations;
  • minimal initial investments, appealing to companies with limited budgets;
  • opportunity to concentrate on business development, brand promotion in the market, and expanding the client base.

Launching and Consulting White Label

To ensure the platform’s successful operation, several stages are necessary:

  • goal analysis and defining future organization services;
  • solution search considering functionality, scalability, cost, and ongoing support;
  • negotiations and contract signing;
  • customization and adjustment of the White Label software solution;
  • platform testing to rectify potential errors;
  • full-scale system launch.

The SBSB team aids in finding a license to launch a crypto project based on a ready-made platform. After its launch, our specialists provide comprehensive legal support — working with remote services, monitoring operations, AML and KYC procedures, compiling reports, and regularly updating the system.

Cost of White Label Solutions for Crypto Companies

Pricing for White Label solutions depends on various factors. The cost can only be determined after project analysis. Each case is unique, so our team applies an individual approach tailored to the client’s business specifics.

Why Choose SBSB Specialists

If you need White Label consulting services for crypto projects, turn to SBSB Fintech Lawyers’ experts! We’ve provided comprehensive legal support for crypto projects since 2013. Our lawyers select crypto-friendly jurisdictions for company licensing and help clients launch a business under the White Label model. You won’t have to spend months on the licensing procedure. Instead, you can immediately start operating as an authorized payment system agent.

We will find the optimal solution for you, assisting in selecting the best offer on the market and solving all organizational and legal matters!


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