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Gambling licence UK is believed to be one of the most prestigious in the world, even despite the strict rules imposed by the regulator. SBSB Fintech Lawyers can provide comprehensive legal support throughout the licensing process in this jurisdiction, ensuring compliance with all regulatory requirements for your project.

Regulation of Gambling Industry in the UK 

Online casinos and other types of gambling are officially authorized in the jurisdiction, and the iGaming sphere itself is regulated by several legislative acts. Over the past two decades, the government has paid great attention to regulating the gambling business, aiming to make it transparent for investors and safe for players, while ensuring active assistance in combating criminal laundering of proceeds of crime. Regulation, licensing, and control of licensees are the responsibilities of the UK Gambling Commission.

In 2005, the Gambling Act was passed, defining key terms, requirements for obtaining gambling licenses, and sanctions for violations of the established rules. UK gambling laws also include technical standards for remote gambling and software, laws on the national lottery, and income from criminal activities.

A local license is required to operate in the legal field in this jurisdiction. In this jurisdiction, operating solely on the basis of a license obtained in another country is not permitted. According to British gambling regulations, the local regulator must necessarily obtain one or more permits for legal activity:

  • remote licenses are obtained for providing services through various online services;
  • non-remote licenses allow for activity in land-based, physical premises;
  • licenses for software and equipment.

Please note that in the UK, one license is not enough. Gambling operator staff is also required to obtain a license to operate legally, therefore a personal management license, a personal functional license, and other types of licenses are necessary. For more detailed information on current legislation and requirements for obtaining different types of licenses, consult with SBSB specialists.

Advantages of Gambling License UK

Despite the slightly higher online gambling license UK cost compared to other jurisdictions, foreign companies often choose a British “registration” for several reasons:

  • stable legal system;
  • authoritative regulator and prestigious jurisdiction status;
  • transparent pricing policy for obtaining a license;
  • strict security and player protection standards;
  • the functionality of the license covers many types of gambling;
  • a British license provides access to the most favorable payment solutions and financial institutions for operators.

How to Get Gaming Licence UK

In accordance with the regulator’s requirements, potential licensees must go through several stages:

  • register a company;
  • prepare a basic package of documents, including a business plan and data confirming the qualification and experience of key personnel;
  • describe the management structure;
  • open operational and client accounts;
  • submit an application for review by the regulator.

Among the mandatory requirements for a candidate for a British iGaming license are the development of AML/CFT policies and KYC procedures in accordance with LCCP (License Conditions and Codes of Practice) standards. Licensed operators are required to monitor suspicious transactions and conduct user platform monitoring.

SBSB experts will make the licensing process easier and help you meet all the regulator’s requirements by preparing policies for the site and the necessary document package.

Gambling License Cost UK 

SBSB experts note that each gambling business is an individual project. Therefore, to determine the exact gambling license UK cost, it is necessary to analyze the business model and take into account several factors. Prices may vary depending on the project’s complexity and the number of licenses required. Contact our team or submit a request, and SBSB specialists will prepare a detailed price offer for you.

Contact SBSB Experts for UK Gaming License

SBSB Fintech Lawyers specializes in comprehensive legal support for projects in FinTech, Crypto, and Gambling. Since 2013, we have been helping our clients successfully launch businesses in various regions of the world, solving all organizational issues for them and simplifying the licensing process. Thanks to our rich experience and knowledge of regulatory requirements, our experts help choose optimal solutions for registration. We are ready to help you obtain an online gambling license UK or any other jurisdiction.

If you are planning to launch an iGaming project, looking for the optimal jurisdiction to obtain online gambling licenses, or have any questions about regulatory requirements, submit a request for a free consultation. Our team will contact you and provide advice on all the questions you are interested in!

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