Opening Accounts

Bank accounts for business.
Merchant accounts for high-risk business

When launching an international project and registering in any jurisdiction, a company must open a corporate checking account. This is one of the key instruments in the financial activities of any organization for non-cash money turnover. SBSB Fintech Lawyers assists companies in opening a business bank account in various jurisdictions. Since clients of financial institutions must adhere to KYC and AML procedures, a corporate bank account automatically confirms that you operate transparently and legally.

Account opening services

The process for opening accounts is quite a complex and multistage procedure, so we recommend turning to the experts at SBSB Fintech Lawyers. We will help you safely and advantageously chase an open corporate account with a reliable financial institution.

Opening a bank account

SBSB Fintech Lawyers specialists assist clients in opening accounts for business in local and international financial institutions (banks, neobanks, electronic money institutions) in different currencies. A corporate account in a foreign financial institution that authorizes transnational transfers simplifies working with clients from other countries.

It is important to choose a financial institution for a future account based on the following criteria:

  • jurisdiction of company registration;
  • nationality of shareholders and directors of the company;
  • optimal service conditions;
  • ability to work with a specific type of business;
  • acceptable tariffs;
  • ability to work with non-residents;
  • need for internet acquiring;
  • overdraft services, and more.

In addition to choosing a financial institution that meets the requirements of the business project, it is necessary to compile and submit a required document package along with an application, if necessary — verify the source of funds and submit additional data regarding the company and its employees. After successfully completing the new account registration procedure, the financial institution enters into an agreement with the client, and the enterprise can start conducting financial and settlement activities after the finalization of all conditions.

Contact us, and we will help you choose the best financial solution that meets the needs of your business, goals, priorities, and project tasks. If necessary, SBSB experts will assist you in opening a new bank account without personal presence.

Opening Merchant Accounts for High-Risk Business

Opening a merchant account (acquiring launch) is a relevant solution for businesses in various fields, including online gambling, cryptocurrency projects, forex brokers, as well as for e-commerce enterprises, marketplaces, and any other institutions of various forms of ownership that accept payment through a website. SBSB lawyers recommend that such enterprises open a bank account, allowing them to control incoming payments directly from bank cards through Visa, Mastercard, and other systems, monitor transactions, and compile reports on conducted operations. This type of payment solution significantly expands the geography of users of your web platform and helps scale your business.

A new bank account is a guarantee of quick and secure payment on the website, various financial transactions, including transferring funds from one part of the world to another. A merchant account allows 24/7 remote acceptance of payments for services by bank cards of those clients planning to use the services provided on the website.

Account initiation procedures depend on the requirements of the payment institution, the business project’s model, its services, and the type of activity. Over the years of operation since 2013, we have managed to establish partnership relations with acquiring companies and licensed payment organizations. We will help you choose the most suitable option for your business.

Why You Should Turn to SBSB Fintech Lawyers for Opening Financial Accounts

If you need to open a business account, contact the SBSB team! We help each client choose the optimal financial institution that best suits the features of the specific business project.

Our team has been providing comprehensive legal support since 2013, advising clients on all issues and helping them solve set tasks, including new account registration. Submit a request to SBSB specialists, and we will answer all your questions!


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