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Thanks to globalization and the rapid development of digital technologies, not only large corporations, but medium and even small businesses will enter the international market. Company registration in Estonia, as one of the optimal jurisdictions, can be a preferred choice for entrepreneurs planning to expand their business. Depending on the specifics of your project, SBSB Fintech specialists will help you register a company in Estonia quickly and with no risks.

Advantages of Estonia Company Setup

SBSB Fintech experts recommend that clients choose reliable jurisdictions providing the best business opportunities and reducing risks. Our specialists will consult and help make the optimal choice depending on the type of activity and organizational-legal form of the enterprise, current business priorities, target audience region, as well as tax specifics and other important factors.

Estonia company registration is an excellent choice for both young startups and major established players. European jurisdiction offers entrepreneurs a whole range of advantages:

  • reliable reputation;
  • transparent tax system;
  • popularity among foreign partners;
  • great opportunities to attract international investors;
  • a developed banking system with a decent selection of payment institutions both within the country and in other EU countries;
  • accounting simplicity and absence of audit requirements for small and medium businesses.

Who Will Benefit From Estonia Company Formation

Holders of EU member state ID cards, as well as holders of Estonian ID cards or e-Residency cards can register an Estonia company online. Otherwise, it will be necessary to visit a notary in Estonia to verify the incorporation documents.

According to the Commercial Code, Estonia is open to such forms of doing business as:

  • public limited company (AS),
  • private limited company (OÜ),
  • limited partnership (UÜ),
  • general partnership (TÜ),
  • commercial association (ühistu),
  • sole proprietor (FIE).

However, the most popular form of legal entity setup in Estonia remains a private limited company. It is relatively simple and quick to create and also allows shareholders not to bear personal property liability for the company’s obligations.

Owners of ID cards from EU member states, as well as owners of Estonian ID cards or e-Residency cards, can register Estonian company online. Otherwise, to verify the founding documents, you will need to visit a notary in Estonia. If the company has several co-founders, such a corporate establishment will be considered a company with several shareholders. If at least one of the co-founders does not have an e-Residency card or a compatible EU eID for digital signature, the firm registration must be carried out through a notary in Estonia. In this case, citizens of Estonia and persons with a residence permit in Estonia also cannot apply for e-Residency.

Currently, e-Residency in Estonia is open to everyone except citizens of Russia and Belarus. If there are no EU eID issuance points and experienced business service providers in your country of residence, you will not be able to register a company in Estonia online. People residing in jurisdictions classified by FATF as “high-risk and non-cooperative” may also be limited in their ability to take advantage of e-Residency benefits.

What to Consider and What Steps to Take for Estonia Company Incorporation

  1. Founders need to agree on:
    • Company name. The company name must be unique, clearly distinguishable, and include “OÜ” or “Osaühing.”
    • Initial field of activity in accordance with the national classification of Estonia.
    • List of shareholders and their contributions to the share capital.
    • Full address of the place of activity.
    • Information about the management of the company.
  2. It is necessary to prepare a complete set of founding documents and register a new company in the Commercial Register.
  3. There is no legislative requirement for minimum share capital.
  4. Legal entity setup is possible through electronic registration online or through SBSB Fintech Lawyers by proxy:
    • depending on the chosen form, business incorporation can take from 2 hours to 2 weeks;
    • Estonia company registration fee depends on the form chosen by you; in this case, the state fee will be €265 (online) or €200 (offline).

Company Registration in Estonia: Consulting and Support

SBSB Fintech Lawyers specialists have been helping with successful launch and supporting projects in a turnkey manner worldwide since 2013. Minimize risks, get rid of troubles, and formalize the legal status of your business in extremely tight deadlines with the experience and expertise of SBSB Fintech Lawyers!

Company formation in Estonia with SBSB Fintech Lawyers will become a simple and fast process for you. Our lawyers are ready to provide full support for your project, so that you can realize your ambitious ideas and achieve your goals without being distracted by legal nuances. The SBSB team will help you:

  • choose the optimal place and form of business incorporation, taking into account all legal, economic, and tax factors;
  • prepare any necessary documents for Estonia register company online, including articles of association, agreements, and others;
  • take care of the submission and registration of documents, provide them for consideration by regulators, and provide the necessary support throughout the legal entity setup;
  • if necessary, provide your project with subsequent legal, accounting, and tax support in full compliance with local legislation.

Leave a request on the website, and we will contact you to discuss all the details of your project!


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