Drafting policies
for crypto projects

Obtaining crypto licenses, white label consulting,
ICO/STO, supporting NFT marketplaces, drafting policies
for crypto projects, DAOs, and gamify projects

The development of internal and external company policies and documents is required:

  • by regulators of different levels to comply with licensing, permitting, and regulatory requirements;
  • to meet the demands of laws and regulatory acts;
  • by financial institutions, banks, AppStore, Google Play, and other partners with whom you enter into partnership or other agreements;
  • as an internal necessity for the implementation of internal processes and protection of the company’s interests.

The team of SBSB Fintech Lawyers has been providing comprehensive legal support for crypto projects since 2013. Our experts develop individual policies for each client, considering the specifics of the company. For your company, SBSB specialists can develop the following legal documents:

  • Privacy Policy (GDPR). Documents such as Internal Privacy Policies, Retention Policy, Data Retention Policy/Schedule, Data Breach Response and Notification Procedure, Data Erasure Policy, and Data Processing Agreement explain how the website collects, stores, processes, protects, erases, and shares users’ personal data with partners. These rules also regulate the process in case of GDPR breaches.
  • Internal and external AML/CTF Policies. These establish procedures for detecting and preventing money laundering and terrorist financing.
  • Cookies Policy. These documents outline rules for collecting, using, storing, and protecting user data and cookie files on the platform — be it on the website or in the application.
  • Terms and Conditions. This public agreement specifies the rights and obligations of users and the platform itself.
  • Internal Cybersecurity Policy. This document describes procedures for protection against unauthorized access, data leaks, viruses, and other cyber threats.
  • Data Security Policy. This sets norms for ensuring the confidentiality of stored data.

Which Crypto Projects Require Legal Consulting

All crypto companies, financial institutions, and IT projects are obliged to comply with legislative requirements and those of their partners, ensuring robust protection of clients’ personal data and establishing sustainable internal and external regulations and procedures. Only a comprehensive approach allows for the provision of quality services to clients and mitigates the risk of multimillion-dollar fines and other liabilities for the company and its founders.

SBSB specialists will assist in developing, verifying, setting up, editing, and aligning documents and processes within your crypto company on any legal matter in accordance with current EU legislation.

Cost of Developing Internal and External Policies for Crypto Business

We calculate the cost of each case individually. All our clients’ projects are unique — differing in policies and procedures for placement on websites or applications, as well as the specifics of the business and platform itself. The team of SBSB specialists is ready to consult your team on various matters related to the development, implementation, and adherence to all necessary policies and procedures required for the smooth operation of your business.

Why You Should Seek Legal Assistance from SBSB Experts

Thanks to years of experience, SBSB lawyers successfully launch crypto projects worldwide. Our team provides end-to-end legal support — from consultations regarding licensing terms and choosing the optimal jurisdiction to developing and implementing internal company policies.


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