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Bank accounts for business. Merchant acquiring services

Elaboration and Analysis of Corporate Documents and Contracts

Any company having more than one founder or shareholder is exposed to the risk of corporate conflicts.

To ensure efficient management of relations between several business owners and/or directors, the company needs to pay particular heed to the preparation of corporate documents and implement additional legal arrangements, such as a separate shareholder agreement.

SBSB experts will be happy to help with the preparation or checking of corporate documents and to give competent advice on corporate issues in many foreign jurisdictions.


Legal, Administrative and Tax Support of Foreign Companies

Any business operating in a foreign jurisdiction might need assistance with various legal, tax or management issues. We offer a full range of services for foreign companies, covering any level of complexity — from day-to-day assignments to unique complicated cases.

Whatever the task may be (e.g. figuring out online banking, explaining the meaning of letters received from authorities, recovering funds blocked in an overseas account), SBSB experts are always there to help.


Opening of Domestic and Foreign Bank Accounts

No present-day business can do without a bank account. However, setting up an account in a foreign jurisdiction might be a challenging task today.

As part of their anti-terrorism and anti-money laundering efforts, banks have implemented a variety of conditions and procedures applicable to all potential customers (known as KYC and AML procedures). This means a complete disclosure of business structure and of the incomes and cash flows available etc.

Prior to opening an bank account for you, we will choose a suitable jurisdiction proceeding from your company’s business profile, turnovers and a number of other factors, including:

  • bank charges;
  • services available to non-residents;
  • incoming and outgoing payment currency;
  • the bank’s capacity to offer online acquiring etc.

Customers often appreciate the option of setting up an account remotely when selecting the country of the account. We have been processing such requests for a long time now and will be happy to help you with this.

SBSB has a large partner network of banks and licensed payment institutions. We know which banks are better and more cost-efficient to work with, and which ones are not worth getting involved with.

With SBSB experts at hand, you may rest assured: we will choose the most suitable jurisdiction and banks for your account, with consideration for all the specifics of your business.


Opening of Merchant Accounts

The internet has become a fundamental part of our everyday lives in the last 10 years, and most of the shopping is done online. Being simple and speedy, payments via merchant accounts are the most popular payment method today.

Merchant accounts are an optimum solution for those intending to engage in online commerce and accept payments via the internet. Availability of a merchant account makes the purchasing process much easier and faster for customers while the company benefits from convenient sales.

What are the advantages of the merchant account?

Firstly, it gives full control over all incoming payments. You can view all of your transactions and generate detailed transaction reports.

Secondly, it guarantees payment safety thanks to the advanced customer identification and transaction authorization technologies used by banks.

Thirdly, it allows you to accept payments directly from bank cards, enhancing your competitive power and expanding the customer base. Besides, the merchant account offers minimum credit card processing fees and adequate refund charges.

SBSB has a large partner network of acquiring companies and licensed payment institutions. We know which entities are better and more cost-efficient to work with, and which ones are not worth getting involved with. With SBSB experts at hand, you may rest assured: we will choose the most suitable financial institution for your merchant account, with consideration for all the specifics of your business.


Elaboration and Analysis of Standard Agreement Package for the Operations of Foreign Companies

High-quality agreements are essential for entities operating in foreign jurisdictions or via overseas companies.

The agreements one may find online often involve a number of underlying risks: they might be intended for use in other countries or drafted in keeping with outdated laws, they may not meet the interests or mission of the client’s business etc.

With well-designed agreements in place, you will reduce dramatically the risks associated with payment delays at banks, implications of actions taken by unscrupulous clients or partners and so on. Entrusting SBSB experts with the development of a standard agreement package, you can count on the high quality of your agreements, full compliance with applicable laws and alignment with your best interests.


Setting up of Foreign Offices (Substance), Employee & Labour Relations Management

The latest changes in taxation and the banking sector aimed at fighting offshores and tax avoidance have resulted in a requirement that is mandatory for most companies in order to be able to function normally: availability of a foreign office and staff.

Most banks will not even look at the application for account opening today if there is no evidence of the company having an actual office and personnel. And maintaining this office and personnel may be quite burdensome in terms of formalization and taxes.

SBSB’s team of experts will help your business establish and maintain an overseas office at a minimum cost and complying with the legislation. We offer a full package of services ranging from designing the overseas office concept in keeping with customer specifications through to turnkey implementation, including legal and tax advice in all phases, execution of all necessary documents, and much more.


Selecting a Jurisdiction for the Registration of Foreign Companies

Our experts will help your business make a quantum leap. You need not worry about choosing a country for the company registration — we will do that for you, keeping all the peculiarities of your business in mind.

When selecting the jurisdiction, we always consider:

  • client specifications and priorities;
  • the need to conduct operations in a specific country or region;
  • who will pay for the services;
  • where the dividends, royalties, profit shares will be paid out;
  • where investment raising is envisaged, and a multitude of other aspects.

One should also be aware of the requirements regarding company account opening and business accounting rules; we also pay special attention to taxation. The SBSB team will help you choose the best option, both in terms of jurisdiction and the entity type, and will give competent advice at all times.


Registration, Restructuring and Closure of Foreign Companies

With over 6 years’ experience in the international market, our company offers corporate services in more than 40 countries worldwide. We will provide expert assistance with choosing the appropriate jurisdiction for your future company, fund or trust. We will consider the benefits and drawbacks of all suitable options and will have your company registered in as short a time as possible, taking into account the specific taxation requirements, nominee services, statements submission and company follow-up.

Our customers often refer to us to register new companies in the EU countries (Estonia, Cyprus, Malta), in Georgia, China, UAE and the USA, but this is just the top of the long list.

In addition to company registration, we provide restructuring services for existing companies. Those include but are not limited to:

  • replacement of company shareholders/directors or change of the registered address;
  • change of the business entity’s type;
  • redomiciliation (change of country of registration);
  • assistance with company purchase or sale transactions etc.

Unfortunately, not all businesses are successful and sometimes legal support is needed to liquidate the entity. SBSB experts will help you close or wind up companies. We will be happy to give advice regarding the liquidation process, preparation of all documents required for the closure and filing of those documents with the tax and registration authorities of the foreign jurisdiction. Is your business in need of efficient corporate services? SBSB experts are there to provide you with those.

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