How to obtain a gambling B2B License in Romania?

How to obtain a gambling B2B License in Romania?

Romania has become a popular target for iGaming operators, spurring healthy and sustained growth in the market. Total…

Romania has become a popular target for iGaming operators, spurring healthy and sustained growth in the market. Total GGR is estimated to be €900 million per year, driven by the country’s population of nearly 20 million, the internet penetration rate of 88%, and the longstanding cultural acceptance of gambling.

Benefits of obtaining a gambling license in Romania

Romania is fully regulated, and one of the most active gambling markets in Eastern Europe. Having a Romanian B2B gambling license enables you to offer your services to the existing pool of Romanian B2C providers, expanding your market reach and business opportunities significantly. We believe that the Romanian license is the right direction to expand your business.  

This B2B license can be obtained for the company from other EU countries, with no separate requirements for the size of the authorized capital or residency of shareholders.

The advantage of obtaining a license for a non-Romanian company is that if a company operates from abroad and does not have a local presence in Romania, there is no corporate tax or gambling tax in Romania.

Also, this solution for obtaining B2B accreditation allows you to open an IBAN account in European payment systems, as well as on cryptocurrency exchanges.

Who is this license suitable for?

For B2B providers specialized in the gambling industry who supply products/services to B2C operators licensed in Romania, a Class II license is required.

These are the activities of gambling license class II:

  • management and hosting facilities on the gaming platform, respectively: operators that have management and integration platforms specific to remote gambling, as well as operators of server storage centers (data centers);
  • production, distribution, repair and maintenance activities for gaming equipment, import, export, intra-community acquisition, intra-community delivery or other activities with components or gaming equipment;
  • payment processors;
  • for companies that produce and/or distribute software specialized in the field of gambling, as well as companies that transmit images of gambling games characteristic to casinos;
  • for affiliated persons, certifiers, auditors, and conformity assessment bodies.

Please note, that for each listed activity, a separate license must be obtained. The license is valid for 10 years, conditioned by the payment of the annual fees.

Requirements for obtaining a gambling license in Romania

The main requirements are: 

  1. Obtaining the license requires the establishment of a company in Romania or the EU. Non-resident companies must complete registration and obtain a Romanian tax number (CIF).
  2. Key personnel, such as shareholders or members of the board, must possess a clean criminal record and a commendable reputation. While no residency is required, individuals in these roles should not be included in any sanctions lists.
  3. Furthermore, those in charge must demonstrate expertise in the specific gambling sector for which the second-class license is sought. Robust anti-money laundering protocols, including AML/KYC Policy, Data Protection Policy, Game Rules, IT Systems Description, and Risk Management Policy, are mandatory.
  4. Applicants must provide evidence of copyright ownership over the software used for B2C clients. Additionally, an annual mandatory audit of financial statements is required.
  5. For non-resident B2B operators holding a 2nd class gambling license, the obligation includes submitting a tax declaration, affirming the fulfillment of the annual license fee payment owed to the Romanian State Budget.

The government fees are as follows:

  • The administrative fee for the issuance of the license – 10 500 EUR
  • Annual licensing fee – 20 000 EUR
  • Annual Responsible Gambling contribution – 15 000 EUR


In conclusion, securing a B2B gambling license in Romania requires careful navigation of legal complexities. At SBSB Fintech Lawyers, our experienced team is ready to guide you through the process, ensuring compliance and a successful outcome. Contact us today to streamline your path to regulatory approval in the Romanian gambling industry.

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