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Optimal start in iGaming with Anjouan license

In the gambling community, discussions usually revolve around two licensing options: international licenses, such as Curacao, or local…

In the gambling community, discussions usually revolve around two licensing options: international licenses, such as Curacao, or local licenses allowing operation in a specific geographical area. However, for many startups and gambling businesses requiring additional licensing, it can be challenging to navigate through all the compliance requirements of gambling regulators, sometimes even spending resources in vain on company maintenance and application submission, awaiting a negative decision. In this article, we propose considering the innovative solution of White Label Anjouan, which allows for quick licensing of your own gambling site with minimal investments, without limiting the future Anjouan operator’s business model (B2C or B2B) and B2C vertical (casino, slots, lottery, blackjack, poker, and others).

Anjouan is one of the few jurisdictions where the regulator permits operation under the White Label model. By acquiring the White Label licensing solution of Anjouan, you can launch your project with minimal costs and in a relatively short time.

This solution has several significant advantages:

  • Obtaining an Anjouan White Label takes only 2-3 weeks, enabling the rapid launch of your project.
  • In the face of instability in jurisdictions like Curacao, Anjouan licensing becomes increasingly popular.
  • Most well-known game providers are willing to collaborate with this license, and there is also the possibility of connecting fiat corporate accounts and PSP.
  • The White Label solution of Anjouan is the most affordable on the market.
  • This license allows for various online games, including casino, poker, betting, lotteries, and many others.
  • Remote gaming licenses in Anjouan are becoming increasingly popular due to the turbulence in the global online gambling market.

When it comes to the key requirements for connecting the White Label of Anjouan, it becomes clear that the process is relatively straightforward compared to obtaining a license from scratch. What is needed for connection?

  • A legal entity in another country that will sign agreements and act as a payment agent when opening future accounts, concluding contracts, partnering agreements, etc.
  • A project business model that should include expected target markets and projected cash flows.
  • Domains registered to the White Label recipient must be confirmed as owned. The domain must be equipped with appropriate software infrastructure and games certified by a specialized gambling laboratory.

A special agreement is signed between the operator providing its license under White Label and the recipient of the solution, through which online casino operations are carried out. The recipient’s website is equipped with the necessary policies and a special validator confirming the licensing of the online operator.

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