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The major benefits of obtaining a banking license include unlimited financial freedom and security, and the opportunity to enhance one’s income. Financial companies, such as fintech and FX entities, family offices, payment systems, funds, investment companies, M&As, FAs and IAs, become aware at some point that their growth and operations are restricted and they are willing to go beyond the limits set by the banks. A natural step for scaling up the business for such companies is registration of an own bank.

European licenses are well-reputed but getting a banking license in the euro area is quite complicated. The minimum mandatory capital for applicants in the EU amounts to 1 million euro.

With extensive experience in financial projects, we are capable of proposing a wide choice of countries suitable for the registration of banks and payment systems. Obtaining a banking license with the help of SBSB is easy since we offer end-to-end servicing of turnkey fintech projects, covering the selection of the jurisdiction for bank registration, ongoing legal support, tax burden calculation, assistance with the software design and ultimately the full-fledged project launch.

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