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If you are looking to protect your assets against government agencies, family members (e.g. in the event of marriage dissolution) or raider attacks and decrease the tax burden for yourself and your business, we propose you consider setting up a private fund or trust. These tools will enable you resolve various issues and ensure the confidentiality of asset ownership and protection against infringement upon your business. This is also an opportunity for leveraging an alternative inheritance method.

We will be happy to help you get a better understanding of the legal tax planning tools — private funds and trusts, and will make sure those are used efficiently. These legal structures offer effective protection of the property placed into trust by separating it from the other assets of the trustor. Furthermore, they open up extensive opportunities for maintaining the family’s standards of living in the longer term and will help the family obtain education and health care services for several generations to come.

If your goal is to assure strict anonymity of ownership and the capacity to preserve and pass on your assets with minimum tax implications, SBSB experts will gladly advise you on all related matters and help find the best solution for your specific task.

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