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WHY HEDGE FUNDS?Opening your own hedge fund will be a perfect solution for a wide range of business issues:Planning to attract investments?Looking for a way to protect your assets?Want to effectively manage the money and assets of third parties?Is it necessary to ensure the confidentiality of business ownership?Will you conduct an IPO or ICO?WHAT COUNTRY IS BEST FOR REGISTERING THE HEDGE FUND?For registering a hedge fund, you can choose either...
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In the modern world, crypto-currencies are gaining popularity. Every day, several dozen companies enter the ICO to launch new technological processes. But nevertheless, it is still not so easy to work with bitcoins and other virtual currencies in the official field.Undoubtedly, one of the advantages of digital currencies is the absence of any control. But this same fact sometimes prevents entrepreneurs from doing business in the field of virtual currencies. Up to date, the regulation of crypto-currencies...
Alina Kartavenko, 20.10.2017 / Статьи
Interest for various kinds of digital currency continues to grow, people are more and more interested in buying and even mining cryptocurrency. In our article, we will dwell in detail on the question of what a crypto currency is and how to make money on it.What is a cryptocurrency? What are its advantages?Cryptocurrency is a virtual currency, where a certain information is encrypted, a code that cannot be copied.Cryptocurrency, unlike ordinary money, is a decentralized unit...
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The global crisis faced many countries and posted a difficult task - finding additional resources to replenish the budget. To do this, they are trying to strengthen control over the capital of their tax payers, including those, who are located outside their jurisdiction.Paradoxically, in the United States a number of laws enacted that put pressure on financial institutions of other states to disclose information on the movement of their taxpayers' accountshave been. To do this, the USA...
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"Only death and taxes are inevitable"Benjamin FranklinToday the famous quotation of B. Franklin, whose portrait looks at us from all hundred US dollar bills, is more relevant for any businessman than ever. The golden age of offshore, bearer shares and strict banking secrecy is coming to an end. With the enacting of the US Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) in 2010, it became clear that a new era of transparency and international exchange of tax data was coming.The...
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