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Delaware offers highly attractive conditions for company registration. Alongside a favorable tax regime, a well-developed corporate court system, and a high level of confidentiality, it makes the state an excellent starting point for entering the vast American market. The SBSB Fintech Lawyers team will tell you about all the nuances of company registration in Delaware USA and help you create an enterprise in this jurisdiction.

Company Registration in Delaware: Benefits of Jurisdiction

More than half of the organizations in the American Fortune 500 ranking have chosen this state for registration. Delaware has enjoyed constant popularity for official “registration” since the beginning of the 20th century. Here, there is a separate judicial system for entrepreneurs — the Chancery Court, specializing in corporate and commercial disputes. Decisions are made by a judge, not a jury.

SBSB specialists recommend that clients register Delaware corporation for several reasons:

  • simple registration and business operation rules without strict requirements for the residency of the director;
  • the ability to remotely manage the business and file annual reports online;
  • a high level of confidentiality in document processing. It is possible not to mention the names of officials in companies of different legal forms. It is enough to have the name of the registered agent;
  • for registration and organization of activities of holding companies, it is not necessary to obtain a state of Delaware business license.

Here, favorable tax rates also apply, so this American state is often chosen by founders for launching IT startups, e-commerce, and other projects.

Types of Enterprises That Can Be Registered in Delaware

In this jurisdiction, you can register companies of the following legal forms:

  • LLC (Limited liability company) is considered one of the most popular commercial structures. Its activities are regulated by a special agreement. Delaware LLC registration is in demand among foreign investors;
  • two types of corporations — C-Corp и S-corp. Please note that only US residents can own the latter.

The main differences between Delaware LLC and corporations are the management structure, different requirements for documents at the registration stage, and taxation systems. After analyzing your business model, SBSB lawyers will help you choose the most suitable legal form and prepare the necessary documents.

Requirements for Starting an LLC in Delaware

To start official operation as an LLC, you need to: 

  • choose a unique name, with the legal form of the institution indicated. You can check if the name is available in a special register;
  • appoint a registered agent;
  • prepare a package of documents;
  • arrange a local address for the company;
  • obtain an EIN (Employer Identification Number), and if necessary, licenses;
  • open a bank account.

The SBSB team provides legal support at all stages of LLC Delaware registration and after the successful launch of the company’s activities.

Can Non-residents Register a Company in Delaware USA

Yes, state law allows foreigners to register a business in Delaware and obtain an EIN. But there is one mandatory requirement — the registration procedure must be handled by a registered agent. They act as the official representative when dealing with tax and regulatory authorities. Experienced SBSB Fintech Lawyers specialists will support you throughout the entire business incorporation process in the USA.

Register LLC in Delaware: Cost

The price for the registration process depends on the complexity of the business model and additional services. Contact us, and SBSB specialists will answer all questions related to company formation in the USA or another jurisdiction. After analyzing your project, our experts will make you an individual offer taking into account its features.

Comprehensive legal services from SBSB Fintech Lawyers if You Need to Register a Business in Delaware

Corporate establishment and launching your own business in the USA is not a dream, but an idea that can be successfully realized and enter the world’s largest market. The SBSB Fintech Lawyers team will help you register the chosen commercial structure, prepare documents for legal entity setup, and open a bank account.

Leave a request for a consultation, and we will answer all your questions related to firm registration in the USA! 


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