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In the rapidly growing online gambling industry, white-label solutions are becoming increasingly popular for launching new gaming platforms and businesses legally. White label gambling license allows operators to «rent» a license from companies with the necessary permits for regulated gaming activities, so called White label providers.

What is White Label for the Gambling Business?

White-label solutions enable gambling companies to quickly launch their legal operations with slot machines, poker, sports betting, and other law-compliant gambling activities for money. Instead of obtaining own license from scratch, operators can «rent» a ready-made license, thereby entering with their domains under it.

This model allows you to launch your own interactive gaming business quickly with minimal initial investment and lawful wagering practices

Who is White Label License suitable for?

Leading SBSB lawyers recommend gambling white label solutions to the following companies and entrepreneurs:

  • New gambling operators who want to quickly enter the market;
  • Existing casinos, bookmakers, and gaming platforms looking for new authorized betting ventures;
  • Crypto gambling and blockchain casino startups;
  • Companies providing financial services and looking for diversification opportunities;
  • To any entrepreneurs who are planning to start legally permissible gaming for money.

The key advantage is that instead of getting your gaming license, you simply become a business partner of a company that already has one.

Advantages of White Label License for Gambling Business

SBSB highlights the following main advantages of white-label solutions for gambling operators:

  • Quickly start a business on a ready-made legal platform for online casinos, poker, betting, and more;
  • Minimal initial investment, which makes the solution affordable for startups;
  • Saving time and resources — focus on marketing, not licensing procedures;
  • Broad opportunities for scaling and entering new regulated markets;
  • Legal activity by the requirements of gaming jurisdictions;
  • Players’ trust in government-sanctioned wagering sites and bookmakers.

These are the top reasons why such a solution is the best choice.

Requirements for White Label Gaming Licenses

To run gambling operations on a white-label license certain mandatory requirements must be met, including:

  •  Developing of own online gaming website with certified software;
  • Implementation of Anti-Money Laundering and Know Your Customer rules and procedures;
  • Development of methods for verifying the age of players to prevent access by minors;
  • Regular independent audits to monitor fair play and player protection;
  • Development of privacy and data protection policies by the laws of the jurisdiction;
  • Legal negotiation of the contract with the white-label license provider.

This is everything to know before centering your business around such a license.

The process of launching a White Label Gambling License solution

Launching gaming operations based on such a solution includes the following stages:

  • Analysis of business objectives and determination of services to be offered;
  • Search for the optimal provider with the required functionality;
  • Legal coordination of the contract and partnership requirements;
  • Customization and adaptation of the software to the brand;
  • White labeling of the product;
  • Official launch in full scale.

Once launched, the SBSB team provides comprehensive legal support — transaction monitoring, AML, and KYC compliance, reporting, and system updates as needed.

The Cost of White Label Gaming Solutions

Pricing for a white-label license depends on many factors, including functionality, the volume of operations, jurisdiction, required license, etc. Therefore, the final cost is determined only after a detailed analysis of the project and the client’s requirements.

Why Choose SBSB for Gambling Consulting?

SBSB Fintech Lawyers is one of the leading law firms specializing in supporting gambling projects since 2013. We provide a full range of services for launching and supporting a platform. We work with projects from the stage of idea formation to large-scale launch. Our specialists have many years of experience in crypto gambling, gaming permits, and licenses for online casinos, bookmakers, tournament poker, and other areas. We ensure compliance with gambling laws and help businesses navigate the complexities of statutory betting endeavors and legitimate gaming pursuits.

Gambling Licenses

Дизайн без названия
Gambling license in Malta

up to 6 month

Gambling license in Great Britain

up to 6 month

Дизайн без названия (2)
Gambling license in Estonia

up to 6 month

Дизайн без названия (3)
Gambling license in Isle Of Man

up to 6 month

Дизайн без названия (5)
Gambling license in Costa Rica

up to 6 month

Дизайн без названия (6)
Gambling license in Comoros

up to 6 month

Gambling license in Alderney

up to 6 month

Дизайн без названия (9)
Gambling license in Kahnawake

up to 6 month

Дизайн без названия (4)
Gambling license in Curacao

up to 6 month

тобико 2
Gambling License In Tobique

up to 1 month

Gambling License In Gibraltar

up to 6 month

Дизайн без названия
Gambling License In India

up to 12 month

Дизайн без названия (10)
Gambling license in Sweden

up to 12 month

Дизайн без названия
Gambling license in the Philippines

up to 3 month

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