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Many entrepreneurs dream of entering the American market and opening their own enterprises in a specific state. The SBSB Fintech Lawyers team will help you realize all business ideas and carry out company registration in USA. We will take care of every aspect of your business and ensure compliance with all legal requirements.

Company Registration in America. What You Need to Know About Jurisdiction

The American market attracts entrepreneurs from all over the world. A powerful economy, stable political system, huge audience, labor resources, and developed infrastructure become key advantages when choosing a jurisdiction for registering a pharmaceutical business, IT projects, trade, etc. Foreign investors should consider some features of this country:

  • with a three-tier tax system in place, all US states have their own tax rates. Taxes are also levied at the municipal and federal levels;
  • you are sure to meet high competition in small and medium-sized businesses, as well as large businesses;
  • each of the 50 states has its own rules for entrepreneurs, so LLC registration in USA may vary;
  • it is recommended to document all agreements and arrangements in writing, and in case of any doubtful situation, seek legal advice.

Leave a request for consultation, and our specialists will provide you with all the information you are interested in!

United States Company Registration. What Legal Form to Choose

The following types of business entities are available in the United States:

  • LLC (Limited liability company) is a popular form of company in the USA and atypical for the rest of the world with characteristics of both a partnership and a corporation. Among the advantages of this legal entity, it is worth noting that physical and legal entities can register LLC in USA. Many entrepreneurs choose this option because of tax benefits (there is no federal corporate tax if you choose the partnership taxation system). LLCs do not have capital divided into shares, so the founders are not shareholders but members of the company. In addition, the structure of the organization is simpler, requiring fewer formalities;
  • corporations of two types — C-corporation (the legal entity pays local and federal corporate tax) and S-corporation (only local corporate tax is required). Such forms are suitable for large businesses, further attracting investments, and going public with shares.

LLCs are not allowed to be used in the banking and insurance sectors. SBSB experts will help you choose the organizational and legal form of the enterprise and register it in a specific state. We provide a full range of USA company setup services for owners of IT businesses, e-commerce, fintech startups, forex brokers, and enterprises in other industries.

Open LLC in USA for Non Resident

American law allows foreigners to open a business. Moreover, entrepreneurs can choose between types of legal entities and register both C-corporation and LLC. To make the right decision, it is necessary to take into account the needs of your business and a number of important factors — state, tax policy features, corporate law, target audience, and reporting. USA company registration requires a deep understanding of the nuances of regulatory requirements of federal agencies in different states.

Register Company in America. Key Features

An important step in setting up a business in the USA is obtaining an EIN (Employer Identification Number) after applying to the Tax Service. In the future, with its help, non-residents can open a bank account.

US legislation sets several rules for registering companies:

  • companies are required to file a company structure report and a tax return based on the financial statements once a year;
  • it is necessary to register a local legal address;
  • participation of a registration agent residing in the territory of the state chosen for registration is mandatory;
  • in some states, non-residents need to obtain an industry license, for example, for activities in healthcare or agriculture.

Individualized assistance for company registration in the United States is the optimal solution for entrepreneurs planning to enter the American market. Difficulties often arise at the stage of choosing a state or the most suitable model of an economic entity. Collecting registration documents and calculating the tax burden requires in-depth knowledge of legislation and procedures at the level of different states.

Documents Required to Open Company in USA

The list of documentation for registering a company in the USA depends on the chosen organizational and legal structure. For example, to register an LLC, you need to prepare:

  • Articles of Organization;
  • application for obtaining EIN and registration with tax authorities;
  • data on the founders;
  • operating agreement, which describes in detail the structure of the institution and its management;
  • participant certificate, which establishes the ownership share. This can be both a physical and an electronic document. But it is important to follow the rule — this certificate must be issued for each participant.

The completed documents are submitted with filled-out registration forms.

Stages of LLC Company Registration in USA

The procedure covers several steps:

  • choosing a state taking into account local legislation and taxation;
  • selecting three variants of names — unique and reflecting your type of activity;
  • collecting required documents;
  • preparing articles of organization for LLC or statutes for corporations;
  • paying state fees;
  • direct registration of the company with the local administrative authority;
  • obtaining a tax number;
  • opening a corporate bank account.

SBSB experts will help you understand the nuances of setting up a company before entering the US market and go through all the procedures in strict accordance with legal requirements.

SBSB Fintech Lawyers Will Help You Establish Company in USA with Full Legal Support

Since 2013, the SBSB Fintech Lawyers team has specialized in registering companies in different jurisdictions. We offer clients comprehensive solutions in a turnkey manner. Our lawyers analyze the business model of the project and provide a package of accompanying services from choosing an organizational and legal form with consideration of federal tax rules to legal support after a successful start of activities.

If you are planning to open a US company and need recommendations from experienced lawyers, contact us for individual consultation!

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