Legal Support for Startups

Provide legal support at all stages of project development

During the startup phase, startups face a huge number of legal issues that can significantly impact their development and success. Intellectual property matters, analysis and drafting of contracts, due diligence on counterparties, obtaining licenses for activities, company registration, and much more require qualified legal support.

The SBSB Fintech Lawyers team helps startups implement business ideas by addressing all legal issues in accordance with the legislative requirements of the chosen jurisdiction and taking into account the individual characteristics of your project.

Why You Need Legal Support for Startups

Legal backing for growing startups is the optimal solution for a nascent project that needs an assessment of possible legal and financial risks or help with the official registration of a new company in the chosen jurisdiction.

The SBSB team of experts offers legal advice for business start ups on the following issues:

  • business structuring;
  • choice of jurisdiction for registration;
  • selection of a suitable tax system;
  • cost optimization;
  • trademark registration;
  • copyright protection;
  • drafting partnership agreements and various documents for interaction with investors;
  • development of website policies in compliance with GDPR requirements;
  • selection of payment solutions;
  • accounting support;
  • additional registration/licensing of activities and much more. 

SBSB Fintech Lawyers closely monitor the development of the modern business environment to offer clients individual solutions at the launch stage and after the start of formal activities. Thanks to a deep understanding of the requirements of regulatory bodies and legal acts in different jurisdictions, our team can help launch your project anywhere in the world!

Advantages of Comprehensive Legal Aid for Emerging Startups

Preparing agreements and other documents, choosing financial institutions to open corporate accounts, and maintaining accounting records require qualified specialists. However, the costs of hiring staff can become too large an expense for early-stage projects. Moreover, experts specializing in different areas of law — intellectual, investment, corporate — need to be involved. Often, many issues are related to legal requirements in other countries.

Tailored Legal Assistance for Startup Enterprises offers important advantages:

  • you receive quality consultations from experienced professionals, which is cheaper than hiring new employees;
  • your organization operates under the requirements of regulatory bodies;
  • we provide comprehensive personalized solutions based on the specifics and goals of your project, as well as our rich experience;
  • our team closely monitors changes in laws in different countries, so we promptly address issues in the field of legal consulting.

You can focus on developing your project and attracting investments, while the team of experts at SBSB Fintech Lawyers takes care of all legal matters.

Start up Business Legal Advice: “Turnkey” Package of Services from SBSB Lawyers

SBSB specialists offer comprehensive support for projects developing innovative technologies, unique products, or services in various industries. Our team provides comprehensive legal support for such issues as:

  • analysis and drafting of contracts in compliance with all regulatory requirements;
  • obtaining licenses and any other permits;
  • preparation of documents for licensing or registration;
  • communication with state and regulatory authorities;
  • connection of merchant accounts;
  • consultation and legal support at all stages of activity;
  • intellectual property registration.

Leave a request for consultation, and we will contact you to discuss the project!

Complex Legal Help for Startups from SBSB Fintech Lawyers Team

The SBSB Fintech Lawyers team has extensive practical experience in launching business startups. Since 2013, we have successfully helped blockchain and IT projects, fintech companies, cryptocurrency platforms, and startups in other industries overcome legal obstacles on the path to success. Expert legal counsel for new business ventures offers a comprehensive approach — consultations on company registration, preparation of partnership agreements, assessment of tax burden, analysis of deal prospects, trademark registration, and much more.

Contact the SBSB team, and we will become your reliable partner for the successful launch and further growth of your startup!


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