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Unlike most other European countries, the Republic of Poland has managed to maintain high GDP growth rates despite the global crisis and the downturn in the European economy. Thanks to low levels of corruption, a simplified documentation system, a stable national currency, and various tax incentives, company registration in Poland has become the optimal choice for many investors and entrepreneurs. As a result, over 70% of Poland’s GDP today comes from small and medium-sized businesses, and Poland confidently holds its position in the top 10 economies of the EU.

In addition to stable GDP growth, there are many reasons why SBSB Fintech Lawyers specialists may recommend clients to register a company in Poland:

  • located in Central Europe near the EU border, with a developed network of highways and railways, as well as 14 civilian airports;
  • competitive exports and a large consumer market (38 million);
  • a large labor market (25 million) with low unemployment (only 5%);
  • an education system with more than 450 universities and 1.3 million students, and more.

Advantages of Business Registration Poland

The authorities of Poland are favorably disposed towards foreign entrepreneurs. In addition to access to a large audience of the European market, firm registration in the Republic of Poland gives foreigners the right to obtain a residence card. This allows them to obtain permanent residency and Polish citizenship. Foreigners are provided with opportunities for remote registration and management of a business, as well as various incentives, grants, and tax incentives.

The opportunities Poland company register provides:

  • increasing the authority and status of an existing business;
  • free movement of goods and duty-free trade within the EU;
  • conducting business with transparent conditions and compliance with laws;
  • predictable and secure financial transactions;
  • access to European banks and payment institutions;
  • access to EU credit and leasing programs for open organizations.

Among the available incentives and benefits for company formation in Poland, it is worth noting:

  • no withholding tax on profits when certain conditions are met;
  • preferential corporate income tax (CIT) with annual income of less than €2 million — 9%;
  • incentives for research and development work;
  • low tax on income from intellectual property rights — 5%;
  • exemption of investments in SEZs (special economic zones) from property tax and income tax, and more.

Who Can Register Business in Poland?

Citizens of the European Union and the EEA, as well as holders of permanent and temporary residence cards (and their spouses), have full rights to conduct commercial activities in Poland. Certain categories of refugees have extended rights. In addition, some forms of business activity are available to most foreigners.

Certainly, if desired, you can register a company in Poland completely independently. However, as practice shows, investors and entrepreneurs often face many problems when trying to register a business in Poland using incentives and benefits.

The reason for this is the lack of knowledge of the Polish language, the specifics of the local mentality, numerous legal procedures, and formalities. Thanks to consultations and qualified services of SBSB Fintech Lawyers experts, company incorporation Poland will be a quick and risk-free procedure that will allow you to take full advantage of all available benefits.

How to Register Company in Poland

First of all, you will need to choose the PKD code and the form of the future company. The absolute leader among investors in company formation in Poland is the Limited Liability Company (LLC) with more than 80% of all registered companies.

Next, you will need to determine the name, governing body, share capital, and other key features of the future company. Then you must collect all the necessary documents for legal entity setup. Regardless of whether you plan business incorporation online (in the S24 system) or offline (traditional notarial act), to invest indirectly or directly, SBSB Fintech Lawyers specialists can do it all for you.

Key Stages of Polish Corporate Establishment

After providing the necessary information about the future company and submitting all the documents, the process of company formation in Poland begins. Registering an LLC, for example, involves 6 main stages:

  1. Obtaining electronic signatures for all founders and CEOs of the company.
  2. Signing the company’s articles of association in the form of a notarial deed.
  3. Appointing the company’s Management Board.
  4. Registering the company in the National Court Register (KRS).
  5. Filing initial returns with the IRS and creating a Beneficiary Register.
  6. Obtaining other necessary permits/licenses/concessions.
  7. Opening an account with one of Poland’s banks and depositing the authorized capital to the company’s bank account (theoretically — optional step, but practically necessary for social payouts, various special and tax-exempt payments, etc.).

Trust the professionals, and registering a company in Poland will be quick and easy! Leave us your application — SBSB Fintech Lawyers specialists will contact you to discuss your project’s details.


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