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Theoretically, you can register limited company UK online in just 24 hours, but due to a large number of applications, business incorporation may currently take longer than usual. Suppose you need to register a branch of an existing foreign company. In that case, it will take even longer than UK ltd registration (up to 4 weeks), because you will need to provide information and documents to the Companies House.

SBSB Fintech Lawyers will help you register a business UK quickly and with minimal risk. We know the specifics and pitfalls of this jurisdiction, will consider your wishes and business features, and provide comprehensive legal support for your project to make the firm registration as beneficial and effective for you as possible.

What Corporate Establishment to Register

The most popular options for opening or expanding a business in the UK are:

  • Sole Trader — you can register a company UK as a Sole Trader, perform some accounting duties, and be personally liable for debts to creditors.
  • Limited Liability Company — in this case, the company’s finances are separated from your personal finances, and you can delegate increased management and reporting duties to professionals.
  • Partnership — joint business management by several individuals, which involves sharing responsibility for debts and accounting duties.

Whichever form of legal entity setup in the UK you choose, SBSB Fintech Lawyers will provide professional assistance at any stage.

Advantages of Business Registration in UK

There are several advantages that make the UK an attractive jurisdiction for company formation and attracting investments from around the world:

  • Trust and prestige — the UK is one of the leading international business centers, and registering a company here will add solidity to your company in the eyes of clients and investors.
  • Flexibility in choosing available business structures (LLP, CIC, CIO, branches, etc.).
  • Favorable tax legislation — the corporate tax rate of 19% for up to £5000 income is quite low by modern global standards.
  • Business environment with a developed financial and legal system, flexible labor market, technical and innovation expertise, access to a variety of tools and sources of financing.
  • Prompt state registry operation, which allows you to register a company as soon as possible, file reports, and enter information about any changes in the company.

UK Ltd Company Registration Procedure

Registering a business UK requires providing such data as:

  • company name and legal address registered in the UK;
  • information on the company’s activities and share capital;
  • company director (not necessarily a UK resident);
  • shareholders (at least 1, individual or another company);
  • corporate Memorandum and Articles of Association in English.

You can use standard templates, or professionals from SBSB Fintech Lawyers can create all the necessary documentation and submit it for registration on behalf of your company. Theoretically, company formation UK does not require the CEO or shareholders to be UK residents. However, keep in mind that most banks and financial institutions will require proof of residency for account opening. 

After successful company registration, as legal confirmation of its existence, you will receive a “Certificate of Incorporation” with the company number and date of formation. If you are registering a branch of a company in the UK, you do not need to set up a separate legal entity. Keep in mind that a branch cannot receive the benefits of a UK limited liability company. 

To make the company registration in the UK as beneficial for you as possible, and to avoid possible errors and problems, consult with professionals. SBSB Fintech Lawyers experts will comprehensively guide your project from start to finish — simply submit an application on the website, and we will contact you to discuss the details.


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