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HOW TO OBTAIN FOREX LICENSE IN BELIZE Belize forex license or license for funds operations is obtained and…


Belize forex license or license for funds operations is obtained and regulated by Belize Financial Services Commission

Commission obtains licenses and maintains the control of company activities that provide such services as: brokerage activities, funds trading, protection and asset management, insurance services, trustee services, granting of loans, mutual funds.
Forex License in Belize – this is a full license that allows forex activities and brokerage operations, as well as holding funds of the third party. However such activity is strictly controlled, and the license holder company is required to report to the SEC.

Why do we recommend to obtain a forex license in Belize?

– Belize – is a great TERM- QUALITY ratio.

– Compared to other jurisdictions, Belize licensing takes no more than 3 months.

– Compared to other offshore jurisdictions Belize has an experience in obtaining forex licenses.

– Compared to other offshore jurisdictions there are no strict control and regular reporting.

– Compared to other offshore jurisdictions, the cost of obtaining license is low.


Belize Commission (IFSC), responsible for issuing brokerage licenses, reported on changes of the Act on licensing of companies. (INTERNATIONAL FINANCIAL SERVICES COMMISSION (LICENSING) (AMENDMENT) REGULATIONS 2016).

– The authorized capital of the license holder forex company in Belize changed from 100.000,00 to 500.000,00 USD.

– The annual fee for renewal forex license rises from 5.000,00 USD to 25.000,00 USD.

– The fee for filing application increased from 500.00,00 USD to 1,000.00 USD.

Changes take effect April 1, 2016.

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Cost of the license

The full cost of obtaining the license is 13,000 USD including:

• Registration of the company in Belize

• Opening a local bank account

• Submitting and maintaining a license application to the Belize International Financial Services Commission, verification of documents that must be attached to the license application, consultations on application

• Payment of state fees

• USD 1,500 – state fee for consideration of the application by the Commission

• USD 5,000 per year – the state fee for issuing and maintaining the license

The costs for company maintenance

• USD 11,000 per year – administering company, including the state fee for renewal of the company activity for the following year

Additionally charged

• USD 750 – developing the business plan (available on request)

• USD 700 – developing anti money laundering policies (AMLP) and preventing terrorism financing (on request).

Obtaining a license Forex in Belize


2-3 months from submission date of all documents to the Commission.

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