Registration a company in Europe

Registration of a company in Europe – finding out benefits over registering a company in the CIS? If…

Registration of a company in Europe – finding out benefits over registering a company in the CIS?

If you want to open new opportunities for your business, the registration of a company in Europe is exactly what you need. Registration of a company in Europe will become a window on the European market for your business and will make it international.

For a long time the registration of the company in Europe is an indicator of prestige and success for international business. Most customers will prefer to conclude an agreement with a company registered in Europe, and not in the CIS, as these firms always cause more confidence.

Another important advantage of registering a company in Europe, is the right to obtain a European residence permit in many countries.

And, last but not least, the advantage given by the registration of a company in Europe – you can significantly save on taxes and maintenance of the company, especially comparing to CIScompanies.

Why is it cheaper to have business in Europe rather than in CIS?

Corruption, bureaucracy, constant unreasonable checks, currency control –with the company in Europeyou can forget about all of this. In addition, many European countries offer very favorable taxation, which allows firms registered in Europe to pay far less taxes than the same business in the CIS. In particular, the effective tax rate when registering a company in Malta can be only 5%.

Registering a company in Estonia can bring even more benefits to your business – under certain conditions, firms in Estonia may not pay taxes at all.

Registration of a company in Europe has always been a well-known method of tax optimization, because not only Malta or Estonia offer low tax rates. You can use advantageous tax rates in other countries. In particular, corporate tax in Bulgaria is 10%, in Hungary – 9%, in Cyprus – 12.5%.

How to choose a country to register a company in Europe?

First of all, to choose the right country to register a company in Europe, you should consider the type of business and reputation of the country. If your business is IT or e-commerce, you can register a company in Estonia. These countries are associated with these types of business, and the registration of a company in one of these countries will be well received by your customers and partners.

If you want to consolidate your companies into a single holding company and receive dividends from them with minimal expenses, it is worth registering a company in Cyprus or Malta. Both of these countries have always been a traditional choice when registering holding companies.

European banks – one more reason to incorporate a company in Europe

Every businessman knows that those who are looking for reliable banking, chooses a European bank. Five years ago, European banks were open and interested in new customers, and without any problems opened accounts even offshore. But today it has become almost impossible for foreign firms, especially for offshore ones.

Nevertheless, the registration of a company in Europe, even with foreign owners, still opens up access to business for European banks.

But, European firm with a European bank account can open access to the European financial market and, as a result, cheap loans.

From this point of view, registration of companies in Switzerland is especially popular. The company’s registration in Switzerland, like its subsequent contents, can be quite expensive, but it gives access to many companies to Swiss banks.

If Switzerland seems too trivial for you, you can register a company in another European country with reliable banking. It may Luxembourg or Liechtenstein.

Registration of a company in Europe will be a logical solution for any business, regardless to the type of business. A team of SBSB professionals will take care of all of your concerns.

You only need to choose a country. For over five years we have been advising our clients in the field of corporate law, international tax planning, finance, international licensing and integrated business support in more than 40 countries.

We will be glad to help you.

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