Registration a company in Malta. Maltese firms – a tool for successful business!

What does the registration of a company in Malta give? Registration of a company in Malta is interesting…

What does the registration of a company in Malta give?

Registration of a company in Malta is interesting first of all to those who are interested in tax planning, legal reduction of the tax burden and access to the European market. An effective corporate tax rate in Malta can be reduced up to 5%, and subject to certain conditions, exemption from certain taxes (royalties, dividends, interest, capital gains) is possible.

Malta develops investment activities, tax lending and tax refund to shareholders of companies registered in Malta. Redomiciliation(transfer) of the company to Malta will not entail additional costs and efforts.

After entering the Register of Companies in Malta, the company receives the Maltese TIN and subsequently the companies registered in Malta are included in the EU VAT list.

Who is eligible for the company registration in Malta?

You should definitely register a company in Malta, if you are engaged in gambling or IT business, which have reliable legal protection in Malta. In addition, representatives of the gambling business are likely to be interested in obtaining a brokerage license in Malta, for the successful receipt of which there are many positive factors. Obtaining a forex license in Malta means obtaining a European a forex license with all the benefits.

Also, the company’s registration in Malta is an excellent solution for creating funds, trading and holding companies. The most common types of companies in Malta are the Limited Company, Limited Liability Company, Limited Partnership.

Having selected the most optimal scheme of doing business in Malta, you can freely engage in trade in European countries. Wide opportunities for registering business in Malta are opened to shipping companies that have various preferences and benefits.

Benefits of registering a company in Malta

The opening of a company in Malta is the creation of a business in a prestigious jurisdiction.

However, the registration of a company in Malta is a quick and easy process. The absence of a currency control, low inflation, favorable tax schemes, political and economic stability make registration of the company in Malta even more attractive.

Registering a company in Malta allows you to open a bank account in and outside Malta.

Malta’s taxation and business legislation complies with all EU standards, which is the prevention of non-recognition abroad of companies incorporated in Malta.

Registering a company in Malta will be quick and convenient if you contact a team of SBSB professionals. We will select the most optimal organizational and legal form and jurisdiction, taking into account all of the features of your business.

For over five years we have been advising our clients in the field of corporate law, international tax planning, finance, international licensing and integrated business support in more than 40 countries.

We will be glad to help you.

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