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Help to increase capacity and turnover, creating and servicing business all over the world

Yuliya Barabash Managing Partner
We are more effective
Our specialists think in
decisions and results
We are trusted
Our slogan is simple and it reveals everything:
"Your business, our solutions"
NO - Bureaucracy
We are convinced that bureaucracy
paralyzes productivity
Freedom of thought
We hire only those people, communication with whom we enjoy both in and out of the office
Do more by less means
We always hear our client and try to find the best solution for you, even
with a minimum budget
We love our work
In SBSB we believe that there is no better work in the world than ours. This explains all the points above
Julia Demskaya
Yuliya Barabash
Managing partner
Vladislav Makarenko
Elena Kravchenko
Legal adviser
Anna Lishchenko
Elena Bavyka
Head of marketing department
Iryna Мykyta
Legal adviser


SBSB is one of the strongest law firms in Europe and CIS advising on aspects of FinTech sector. We are deeply focused on two legal areas which are Tax planning and FinTech. This enables our team to be very well qualified and expirienced in specific sector.

Over six years we provide the full scope of local and global business legal services to our clients, from their everyday legal matters to their most complex projects. This involves advising on them on their commercial, corporate matters, data, electronic money and blockchain, licensing and regulation issues.

Among our clients are banks, financial institutions, capital funds looking to compliance with applicable law and regulations, emerging growth companies, looking for tax planning and innovative start-ups dealing with new technologies like blockchain.


  • Believe in the future of electronic money, support the development of IT products and implementing of processing solutions (e-commerce).
  • Provide qualified legal assistance in international tax planning.
  • Obtain financial services licenses (Forex Licenses, hedge funds and PSP and EMI licenses).
  • Professionally advice start-up companies and IT giants on how to receive payments via the e-commerce.
  • Advice on establishing and developing business outside the CIS.


  • Over 6 years of experience
  • Effective pricing policy
  • Result oriented only
  • Young, qualified and effective personnel
  • Clients satisfaction - is vital princip for SBSB
  • Clear understanding of Russian and Ukrainian business systems
  • We are happy to meet in our Kiev and Prague offices
  • Strict complying with rules of confidentiality


For our company philanthropy is an integral part of business.

We try to participate systematically in various charitable projects, helping to solve social problems.

We motivate the personal participation of our employees in solving social problems, and in every possible way involve personnel in charity.

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