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Licenses on lottery

Being an incredibly popular and profitable business model, online gaming platforms with access to lottery, casino or poker games attract a growing number of customers wondering which jurisdiction is better for the licensing. Our recommendation is a Curaçao gaming license, and here is why.

Curaçao jurisdiction offers a highly consistent and simplified licensing procedure. Besides, the licensing cost is quite agreeable in comparison to other jurisdictions. It takes up to 3 months to obtain the license. So it is not surprising that 70% of globally known online casinos operate under the Curaçao license.

Furthermore, this type of license is recognized by banks and payment systems allowing you to set up bank accounts and connect merchant accounts for your company. With six years of experience in iGaming, SBSB will help you go through the licensing process quickly and efficiently. We know everything one needs to know about the requirements, criteria and potential pitfalls, and we proud ourselves on our customized solutions.

Our team will be happy to offer you a package of turnkey solutions for the Curaçao gaming license, including company incorporation in Curaçao, corporate account opening, merchant account connection, filing of corporate financial statements, drafting of various agreements for your website and assistance with a variety of other legal matters related to your project. Whatever gaming business you intend to engage in, regardless of its size or structure, we are there to help. Do not hesitate to contact us to find out more about the Curaçao gaming license and start the operations even today.


Licenses on betting

When choosing a jurisdiction for online betting, bingo, casino, cybersports, fantasy sports, bets on sports or lottery business, it is essential to consider the initial licensing costs, maintenance expenditures, availability of additional services, tax burden and the advantages of each jurisdiction.

To be legal, an online gaming company must be registered in at least one jurisdiction and comply with its requirements. The most popular jurisdictions for obtaining the relevant license are Caribbean Basin countries, such as Antigua and Barbuda, Costa Rica and Curaçao, and European location, including Malta and the United Kingdom.

A Curacao gambling license is considered the most optimum one from the viewpoint of legal regulation, issue time, functional authorities and budgeting. This license covers casino, poker, sports betting, bingo and lotteries in all countries except Curacao, the Netherlands, France and the USA.

With over six years of experience in online gaming, we guarantee that our customers will be able to operate with maximum efficiency in terms of taxation and in compliance with all legislative requirements of the chosen jurisdiction.


Casino licenses

Are you considering online gaming and casino as a business? If the answer is positive, one of the most important questions is where to apply for a license.

Most people prefer traditional options such as Great Britain, the Isle of Man or Malta but applying for a license in those jurisdictions is potentially costly, complicated and time-consuming. For those planning a startup involving a new product this might be quite risky. This is why we at SBSB recommend testing your concept and product using a Curaçao Gaming License prior to deciding whether you would like to remain within this framework or move to another more prestigious jurisdiction.

In order to be granted a permit for online casino, cyber sports or lottery business, you only need to apply for one license. This means that regardless of whether you wish to launch a project in a single domain or a website doing a little bit of everything, you only have to pass one licensing process and pay the state duties. As compared with some other jurisdictions, this way is much more advantageous, especially for startups which can add extra services and games to their functionality progressively as they grow.

Our team will be happy to offer you a set of turnkey solutions for your Curaçao Gaming License. Those include company incorporation in Curaçao, setting up a corporate account, connection to a merchant account, submission of corporate financial statements, drafting of various agreements for the website and settlement of many other legal issues pertaining to your project.


Poker licenses

Are you planning to launch an online gaming project with access to poker, casino or lottery? If the answer is positive, the first task you need to tackle is choosing an optimum jurisdiction for obtaining a gambling license.

Among the few countries issuing gambling licenses, Curaçao is the most popular choice, and not without a reason: no need for a personal interview to obtain the license, minimum issue time, simple procedure and affordable costs.
Besides, global game providers (e.g. Evolution Gaming, NetEnt and Microgaming) willingly work with companies licensed in Curaçao.

Another advantage is that the country offers one of the most favorable tax treatments: there is no sale tax, no import duties, no VAT and no dividend withdrawal restrictions.

Our team will be¬†happy to¬†offer you a¬†package of¬†turnkey solutions for the Cura√ßao gaming license, including company incorporation in¬†Cura√ßao, corporate account opening, merchant account connection, filing of¬†corporate financial statements, drafting of¬†various agreements for your website and assistance with a¬†variety of¬†other legal matters related to¬†your project.¬†Do¬†not hesitate to¬†contact¬†us with any questions ‚Äē we¬†will be¬†happy to¬†provide detailed information about the Cura√ßao gaming license.


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