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Legal Intermediation between Investment Companies and IT Startups

The number of new startups in the IT sector is growing increasingly. However only some of them manage to succeed.
Inventing a startup is not the only important thing; organizing it correctly from the legal viewpoint is essential, especially for startups intended for sale in the future and also for startups that would require additional investments to assure their successful implementation. 

There are a number of options for adequate arrangement of startup investments. 

Firstly, the investor may become one of the participants and make their contribution to the company’s authorized capital.

Secondly, one could raise investments for their startup through venture capital financing, namely by entering into a loan agreement granting the loan at an interest.

Besides, there is an option to conclude a strategic partnership agreement with the investor, thus consolidating the startup’s resources and the investor’s assets. The above techniques are just a few scenarios from the wide range of those available. We will help you get all legal matters right, proposing intelligent investment raising schemes for your project and highlighting all potential benefits and risks, and all of that in a short timeframe.

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